Best PC TV Tuners For Freeview, Sports Viewing And Recording

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Our best USB TV tuners for PC or laptops are to view and record digital Freeview and sports Television on your computer or notebook. Experience DVB-T TV USB stick independence to observe or record TV simultaneously. Temporarily stop live TV and carry on where you left off - pocket size, simple to set-up.

01: August DVB-T Recording USB Freeview Stick Laptops

Integrated in recent technologies and may possibly provide the best functionality of many USB TV-set devices, includes gift-box packing and a small aerial, handheld remote control, USB wire and instructions within the container. This particular electronic USB TV receiver is simple (Plug and Play), indicating it's driven solely by your PC USB slot.

USB Freeview Stick With Screen Showing Football

USB power removes the requirement for an external electrical power wire, as it provides ultra-low power usage. The August DVB receiver and recording unit satisfies plenty of functions directly in to it's modest casing. It gives you the capacity to time shift your programmes, letting you stop and go back on live Television.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £27 Get It → August DVB-T USB Freeview Stick

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02: Hauppauge WinTV Digital DVB-T Freeview TV Mini Stick

The WinTV stick utilises the most recent high sensitivity electronic DVB-T Television USB stick receiver, supplying the most beneficial DVB-T electronic digital reception.

Using this merchandise, it is possible to view, stop DVB-T Television in a window, or entire display screen. Utilise the scheduler to record you preferred shows.

DVB-T Freeview TV Mini Stick In All Black

The stick is simple to set-up, simply connect it to your laptop or computer USB slot and correct to a digital Television aerial, load the application from the set-up compact disc and you are all set to begin viewing digital Television on your computer or notebook display screen.
[Rating: 9/10] - £30 Get It → Hauppauge DVB-T Freeview TV Stick

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03: Elgato EyeTV Diversity USB Freeview Television Tuner

EyeTV DTT is a small in size Television USB stick for Freeview digital TV live on your PC. It offers a crystal-clear digital image, and provides excellent value and super solutions. Regardless of it's modest dimensions, it includes a full-size and built-in coaxial connector and doesn't need an adapter to plug a roof antenna.

USB Freeview TV Tuner

Suitable for the remote control that is offered individually and incorporates EyeTV, the popular TV application for MAC or PC. View, stop and rewind live Television - at your work-space or straight from your own couch. Appropriate for Windows 7 and is very rewarding with Windows Media Center.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £98 Get It → Elgato Diversity Freeview TV Tuner

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04: Geniatech MyGica DVB-T2 USB TV Tuner Stick

This impressive DVB-T2 stick is a small sized USB power tuner perfect for the modern generation digital terrestrial Television Freeview high-definition viewing on your Windows computer. Immediately it's possible to observe, time period shift, in addition to recording free high-definition Television Freeview on your computer as well as notebook.

This highly recommended stick T230 additionally endorses SDTV response DVB-T in addition to cost free DVB-C digital cable etc. Where you have the possibly of all of them, it's conceivable to deploy this T230 like a a DVBT hybrid type Television tuner stick.

Small USB TV Tuner Stick With Black Remote

In addition, you can observe, document, edit out and delight in Television on any laptop. Terrifically orchestrated and adaptable, it delivers cost free to observe digital TV through antenna DVB-T high-definition including cable etc.

Genuine live television with no Web, however in spite of the compact dimensions, it is constructed with a life-sized coaxial connector and will not demand any connector to link-up an antenna. Effortlessly plug in to your Television antenna to experience the impressive diversity of cost free TV shows which are broadcast across the air.

Superior calibre and you can record digital HD TV in one environment. The digital streaming is prerecorded unchanged and essential for maximum calibre digital content since coded by the broadcaster. Additionally endorses multi linguistic programming.
[Rating: 9/10] - £26 Get It → MyGica USB TV Tuner Stick

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05: iView HD Freeview DVB-T Tuner USB TV PC Receiver

It's possible to observe live High Definition Freeview Television using this USB DVB-T tuner, hear digital radio as well as record your favoured shows on your laptop. Including it's DVB-T2 receiving set, it converts your computer directly in to a high powered amusement centre - competent of receiving genuine HD Freeview in Great Britain.

High Power Freeview USB DVB-T Tuner With White Finish

Freeview USB DVB-T Tuner

Effortless to set-up, merely connect it and introduce the compact disc for the appended total multi media software system. It's possible to associate open-air or even interior antenna directly in the dongle to acquire the most high powered transmission.

Enjoy observing high-definition TV stations via your notebook with simply no expenses to pay or web connectivity required.
[Rating: 9/10] - £24 Get It → iView Freeview USB DVB-T Tuner

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06: ClimaxDigital Transmit TV DVB-T USB Freeview Tuner

Observe live terrestrial DVB-T Television on your laptop or notebook computer, inside an extensive display screen. Full bank reception certified with extensive channel and territory automatic scan. DVB-T provides you with much better images and compact disc style, top quality audio.

TV DVB-T USB Freeview With Blue Box

Record DVB-T digital Television as MPEG structure to your computer hard-drive instantly. Play-back your Television recordings anytime on your computer display screen in full, unique digital superior quality. Time shifting, temporarily stop viewing television programmes. Plan to watch television programmes at specific times.
[Rating: 9/10] - £13 Get It → Climax TV DVB-T USB Freeview

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07: PCTV DVB-T2 Nano HD TV USB Stick Hauppauge

A nano HD TV USB stick for Freeview in GB that converts your personal computer and notebook in to an HD TV PVR. The incorporated TV-Centre technology allows you time shift as well as documenting of Television programmes. You can even stream SD live Television recordings to your smart phone, tablet PC or additional personal computer and MAC.

DVB-T2 Nano TV USB Stick In White Box

Additional characteristics with this USB Freeview dongle incorporate assistance for Windows PC multi media DVB-T exclusively. DVB-T aerial, USB power extension lead plus mini remote devices are incorporated. It's a small sized USB power TV tuner for the next-Gen electronic terrestrial Television Freeview high-definition DVB-T2.
[Rating: 9/10] - £48 Get It → PCTV DVB-T2 Nano TV USB Stick

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08: DVBLogic TVButler EPG Info DVB-T2 USB TV Stick

Great for your own live Television channels, this DVB-T2 USB TV stick can effortlessly record your favoured shows in original calibre on 1 fundamental position, for instance network connected storage arrangement alias NAS.

Using a centric safe keeping merchandise, video can additionally be programmed or perhaps scheduled through the supplied EPG information from virtually any client gadget - or perhaps display screen fixed to a Television server set-up.

Freeview HD USB TV Stick In Black PVC

The Television works on a diversity of home or smartphone gadgets, adopting a mobile web connectivity - or perhaps Wireless hotspot. The bundle accommodates a USB power Television tuner as well as the appreciably presented DVB link Television resource server software package. The incorporated DVB T2 Freeview HD tuner software system may be established and expended as a central server upon NAS, Windows PC.

Virtually all channels which may be encountered can additionally be streamed to a diversity of assorted clients minus restriction considering to your localisation, at home base or even overseas. We exclusively demand net connectivity. This DVB Logic host set-up may be expanded with several tuners to observe and record aggregated Television channels.
[Rating: 9/10] - £79 Get It → DVBLogic TVButler USB TV Stick

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09: DVB-S2 Hauppauge Stick Windows PC TV Tuner

Observe and record satellite Television on your laptop, just connect the Windows PC TV tuner directly in to a USB power slot on the PC or notebook and you'll be able to follow, stop and record FreeSat satellite Television, equally regular definition and high-definition. It's possible to additionally determine the free satellite stations broadcast across Astra in high definition.

Record within the original high-definition calibre that enables you to document your particular favoured TV shows in the original high-definition choice. Create a motion picture or perhaps Television show library ranging from satellite Television, and follow them on your own computer at virtually any time.

Free To Air PC TV Tuner In Chrome Black Finish

It will never omit your preferred TV program over again, but it delivers with TV-Center 6 as well as DistanTV uses for Windows PC. Using it, you are able to observe or even record your own favoured Television shows on your laptop in full display screen.

Television recordings created using the PC TV may be scheduled as well as replayed from smartphone gadgets in addition to from the computer or perhaps Mac. Utilising this particular system, it can stream all your favoured TV shows to your iPhone, tablet or perhaps Android OS gadget.

An integrated digital program guide enables you to determine what's on Television instantly and what's approaching too. Create an agenda for your Television recordings utilising this particular EPG, in addition the TV receiver for PC can stop live Television and document your best shows etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £78 Get It → DVB-S2 Hauppauge Windows PC TV Tuner

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10: eSecure DVB-T USB Stick Freeview HD Tuner

For computer and notebook amusement, this excellent compact USB stick Freeview HD tuner will enable you to observe cost free digital terrestrial Television on your desktop computer or even laptop. The TV tuner extends you a great deal more than merely sharp characterisation calibre. If you've ample hard disc room on your computer and notebook, it's possible to document live TV.

Watch Television shows adopting the high-definition software incorporated and view them again at a later time period. You are able to stop and play-back live Television using a simple touch button option. Additionally incorporated is a cost free coaxial transmitting aerial connector.

USB Freeview HD Tuner With Long Black Wire

It's possible to associate your Television tuner to your outside roof fixed antenna for expanded transmission intensity and better picture calibre. EPG establishes recording extremely straightforward and fuss free. You will additionally be capable of entry to Teletext using this particular Television tuner and far more besides.

With the high-definition Television software system incorporated, you will be able to intermit and replay live TV. As opposed to several USB power tuners you can buy, you'll additionally be able to follow HD Television where accessible.

Effortless to set-up, this excellent USB Tuner is ultra effortless to establish and delivers complete multi media software system plus drivers. It includes a vast collection of alternatives and strategy configurations, effortlessly link-up the tuner to your notebook or perhaps laptop and put in the software package.
[Rating: 8/10] - £8 Get It → eSecure DVB-T USB Freeview HD Tuner

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Best DVB T2 Freeview HD Tuner To Watch Freeview On Laptop

Our variety of USB TV dongles focus on shows from around the globe. Just a click away from your favourite sporting activities, view and record digital TV shows in a window, or full screen on your laptop screen. Timetable your Television recordings utilising DVB-T2 tuner sticks for Freeview plus.

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