Smart 12 Volt Campervan TVs With HDMI Connectivity

Updated: 20/04/2021
Watching TV in your motorhome or caravan is a great way to relax while heading for a perfect holiday. However, for the best campervan TV experience, you need to have a digital signal to watch. Moreover, the way people watch TV has changed in recent years.

Technological improvements such as Freeview, satellite broadcasting, and others help 'caravanners' watch their favourite shows. The TVs for campers can have the same high-quality picture and sound that they experience at home.

Getting Started With Options

To receive a digital signal, you have to choose a provider. Freeview, Freesat, and Sky are some of the best options you can have. Each of them has different plans and channel options suited for your needs. Freesat or Sky receiver allows you to watch your favourite TV programs usually.

Motorhome Television Freeview Channels

Freeview lets you view the local channels regardless of the country you are in. But you cant view the UK channels. Moreover, you need to install your satellite by moving it to 145 degrees. Use a compass to measure it accurately. Also, face the dish about 25 degrees in an upward direction.

: Cello 22 Inch 12V LED TV DVD Freeview

The Cello 22 inch 12 Volt LED TV incorporates 2 AAA batteries and a rapid start off guide - including a 12-volt adapter to truly get you set up efficiently. A thin light and portable superb screen TV that enables you to watch and revel in entertainment integrating HD channels.

Incorporated DVD player with a solitary handheld remote control. This enables you to increase entertainment although reducing on space applied. The DVD is situated on the right aspect of the item. A remote control is delivered to control the DVD highlights and standard TV options.


Drawbacks?   None To Think Of..

22 Inch 12V LED TV Freeview Black Frame

£199   Cello 12V LED TV DVD Freeview - Get It!  

12V TV For Campervan Signal Finder

Finding the signal is the first step needed to watch TV. Use a satellite finder compass. The device helps you find a signal of all the essential European satellites. When the 12V smart TV device finds the signal, it produces a high-pitched sound.

Apart from buying a 12 volt TV for a campervan, you have to consider two crucial things. You can find DVB-T TV in almost every area in the UK. This is how people watch digital TV, Freeview, and other TV channels.

About The Directional Aerial

People access these channels using an aerial at home. And, the same goes for your caravan or motorhome. All you need to have is an aerial. Otherwise called directional aerial, you should mount it as high as you can. This is why you find them on the rooftop or rear ladder. And sometimes on an extended pole.

Setting Up Portable TVs For Camping

It is easy to set up a TV in your motorhome. However, you need all the right things in place to get started. You have to consider a few essential points when it is about setting a portable TV for camping fun.
You need the right television platform, satellite dish for receiving the signal, and sound system. Moreover, if you are planning to stream content, a good internet connection is a must-have.

: EMtronics 24 Inch Motorhome 12 V TV HDMI

This 24 inch HD TV is a streamlined system that has been specially constructed. It may be conveniently set up and transported to and out of your motorhome, campervan, caravan, and house set-up.

You can attach the USB or the HDMI cable to external devices like laptops and view content on your TV. Some 12V motorhome TVs feature USB connectivity and make it a much desirable functionality.


Drawbacks?   None..

It really makes a difference in the way you use media. When you have this feature on your caravan TV, you can connect an external speaker or soundbar.

The 12 Volts functionality is a remarkable characteristic that allows you to have the Television set away from home, in motorhomes, Campers, recreational automobiles and even vessels.

24 Inch HD 720p 12 Volt TV With Plug

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Things To Consider When Buying A 12V TV

Look out for a TV that runs on 12/24V and 240V. This setup works wonders for both off-grid and on-grid use. Some TVs have in-built batteries. And, you can charge them after you plug them into the grid. Refer to the link mentioned in the post.

Regarding the size of the TV, I would recommend you buy a smaller one. Keep in mind that larger TVs consume more power. These days, most people buy 20 to 24 inch TVs.

Get A Signal In The Countryside

If you travel to rural locations frequently, chances are that you might not receive aerial signals unless you have a satellite TV. As such, watching a DVD movie is the only way out. Most of the best campervan TVs have DVD playing capability. Therefore, keep in mind while buying one.

If you are an Amazon Prime or Netflix fan, you should look out for a smart 12 volt TV for campervan viewing. While it might cost you a bit more, it is worth it.

However, if you like to have this feature without investing more, you can buy the plug-and-play sticks. I would recommend you purchase an Amazon stick. It includes Amazon Prime, Netflix, ITV Hub, Channel 4, and so on.

An important thing to consider is the weight of the TV. Items weighing heavier aren't suitable for caravans. Also, make sure that the TV mounting can hold its weight. While the vehicle is moving, the 12V TV might put pressure on the brackets. As such, the rack might break. So, make sure that the TV is placed firmly.

: Avtex 19.5 Inch 12V Motorhome WiFi TV

Discover this new 12V TV with Freeview Play. By way of this Avtex 19.5 inch large screen LED Television, take advantage of the most significant shows live and on-demand - and everything free of charge.

Scroll ahead and in reverse throughout the TV guide for catch up - in addition to a whole lot more with BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 including My5.

Non-smart TVs do not come equipped with streaming services or Apps. But there are specific devices that you can connect externally and receive a signal without an issue. In general, there are two popular external devices for this purpose in FireStick and Chromecast.


Drawbacks?   Pricey? But worth it

Motorhome 19.5 Inch 12V 240V WiFi HD TV With Apps

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Portable Satellite Dish

Portable systems are the most popular option among people planning to set up a TV for their motorhome or caravan. Moreover, portable satellite dishes are affordable and accessible.
Because the system is portable, you can install and take it down with ease. It means you need to set the dish while watching TV. And, take it down when you are on the road.

What's interesting is that you get 'an uninterrupted signal' regardless of being in remote locations. But there is something you need to consider before choosing this option.
Portable dishes are a bit flimsier compared to the permanent ones. And, it is hard to secure onto your motorhome or caravan.

Differences: 12V TV For Campervan And Home TV?

If you believe that all TVs are the same and because you have installed one in your home, you can set it up in your motorhome with ease and head off on a road trip, you are in the wrong lane. It might surprise you, but TVs specifically build for motorhomes are pretty different from the TVs you use at home.

First of all, TVs for motorhomes are more energy-efficient compared to home TVs. This is important because you would want a TV that runs on battery power when the vehicle is not moving. At the same time, you do not want a device that eats up all the power within a few minutes.

: UniSpectra 12V 14 Inch LED Motorhome TV

You can find all Europe Free to Air TV for caravans and motorhomes with this TV. With some, you may with a satellite dish mounted on the roof. Moreover, you can find them in various types, sizes and makes. This TV D2T2 offers a screen size of 14 inches - it is approximately 35 cm.


Drawbacks?   Absolutely none

Motorhome 12 Volt 14 Inch LED TV Free To Air

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12V TV Energy Efficiency

So, the perfect TV for your motorhome is the 12V TV because they go easy on your battery power. However, most of the 12V TVs you find on the market are not as energy efficient as they advertise to be.

To get the most out of your 12V TV, you should look out for one that can switch from DC to AC power. This comes in handy when you have access to the mainline.

Full HD Resolution Image Quality

Keep in mind that the list does not feature a 4K TV. Only TV's with Full HD resolution are featured on the list. However, you may expect to have a 4K TV in the upcoming years because it is the industry standard these days. Also, that would cost you more money. The TV's you find in this article have smaller sizes.

Terrestrial TV

You are likely going to buy a regular aerial TV for your caravan. However, having the device beside your TV might not be the best thing you want in most caravan sites.

Every transmitter can broadcast a signal with either vertical or horizontal polarization. The main transmitter needs to have a horizontal orientation. Whereas the relay transmitter has to be vertically aligned to avoid all kinds of interference.

: Sniper 19 Inch HD LED TV With DVD Built-In

This motorhome TV consolidates an internal DVD/CD player, an inbuilt Freeview tuner, plus the integrated DVB-S2 satellite receiver. This translates that you can even receive FreeSat and various free-to-air satellite TV solutions. Simply hook-up a dish to the conventional F connect LNB type.

The travel and leisure Television features a cigarette lighter socket and a mains adapter. Consequently, it can be driven from the 12-volt electric power resource in your camper, caravan, or motorboat 24-volt source - in a van or RV, or perhaps from the mains.


Drawbacks?   None To Think Of..

The Sniper TV incorporates a detachable stand and may also be wall structure installed with a 100 x 100 mm VESA support.

19 Inch HD LED TV With DVD And Freeview

£229   Sniper 19 Inch HD LED TV With DVD - Get It!  

How To Get A Good TV Signal In A Caravan

For horizontal signals, the aerial mounting should have the elements pointing in that orientation. Here is an example showing the flat part of the aerial in a horizontal position. For vertical signal, the aerial should be elevated at 90 degrees so that the elements are in the vertical direction. See the example.

You can download the directional information about the location from the applications that come with the device for your TV transmitters. UK Aerial Alignment and Freepoint UK are some examples of free applications.

You need to re-tune the digital receiver whenever you reach a new destination and want to watch your favourite TV programs. This is similar to the aerial setup you use at home (if it is not permanent). The whole process takes a few couples of minutes after you start tuning for receiving signal.

Set-Top Boxes And DVB-T Receivers

To use this system, you need a set-top box or DVB-T receiver. These devices can get digital TV from terrestrial and not a satellite. Also, it would be best if you had a coaxial cable for a DVB-T Aerial of about 25m in length. It has to be magnetic or fixed permanently.

Advanced satellite dishes can find the proper satellite signal depending on your location. The bigger ones even have a better range. The 85 cm satellite dish gives you access to TV in almost every part of Europe.

However, a digital receiver is needed to access the satellite TV in your caravan. While some receivers are integrated into your TV, some are mounted on your motorhome.
Most of the separate receivers need a card to access the signal. The card represents a subscription service. Because technology is improving day by day, you should do thorough research before buying one.

Best Campervan TV For Sound

In general, small TVs do not have excellent sound quality. And, it is not limited to motorhome TVs as well. It means most TVs on this list do not have fantastic sound quality regardless of how big the manufacturer is. These TVs are small, and it is not possible to build a good sound system.

Also, we do not recommend you buy a soundbar either. These sound systems are too loud for a compressed space like a motorhome. Moreover, it would disturb your neighbours who might be relaxing and enjoying happy moments over a glass of wine.

There is an alternative to the soundbar and build-in low-quality speakers. You can carry a Bluetooth speaker, and you might have one in your home. And, if your motorhome TV supports Bluetooth, you can connect it with ease.

: Ferguson 24 Inch LED 12 Volt Smart TV

The Benefits:

Drawbacks?   None here..

12V 24 inch Smart LED TV With Black Frame

£199   Ferguson 12V 24 inch Smart LED TV - Get It!  

Setting Up The Sound System For Your TV

Motorhome or caravan TVs are infamous for having poor quality sound. In reality, people are dissatisfied with the sound for not being clear enough or loud. Setting up a good 12 volt TV with DVD and intelligent sound system in your caravan is not as good as you have at home.

Despite the fact, why not enhance the sound system so that you can experience good quality sound? Using a pair of extra speakers is the best way to handle the situation. All you have to do is connect the sound system to the TV and enjoy good quality sound.

You can find a lot of options to choose from when it comes to good speakers. But you have to choose between a PC speaker and a Bluetooth speaker. These are the two popular types of additional speakers you can have.

TV Size And Weight

While large flat-screen TVs are perfect for your home, motorhome TVs have smaller sizes. Still, if you are planning to buy a big widescreen TV for a better experience, make sure to consider a few essential things. Your caravan has adequate space to accommodate the TV, and it should utilise very little power.

On the other hand, if you cannot manage space on your motorhome, it is wise to have a small TV. Apart from the size of the caravan TV, keep in mind that it should have less weight. When you are riding a motorhome, weight plays an important aspect when buying every item. And, TV is no exception.

: WestingHouse 24 Inch 12V Caravan TV DVD Combi

TV Benefits:

Drawbacks?   No..

24 Inch 12V Caravan TV DVD Combi On 2 Legs

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Freeview Plus And Freesat Portable Motorhome TVs

For your motorhome or caravan, you can choose between Freeview and Freesat portable TVs. The former one is an aerial, while the latter one is a satellite signal receiver.
Analog TVs were discontinued many years ago in the UK. And, you must be aware of that. So, if you want to install a free-to-air reception for your motorhome TV, you have to choose between Freeview and Freesat.

In short, both Freeview and Freesat are digital services. And, you can receive the services through an aerial and satellite dish. However, there are certain areas in the UK where Freeview finds it hard to obtain a good reception.

The Most Popular Choice Is Freeview

Almost every portable TV intended for motorhomes and caravans features Freeview. But you can get a separate Freeview box if you have an analogue TV. Sometimes, it is a bit challenging to find a 12V Freeview receiver.

Best TV For Motorhome Non-Smart

Finding a non-smart TV that is suitable for your motorhome or caravan is relatively easy. Therefore, this option is more popular and common among people. Also, they come in handy when you use streaming services.

Caravan Smart TV With Steel Frame
Caravan Smart 4K UHD TV

These external devices use an HDMI cable to connect them to the TV. As such, they provide you with the streaming services of your choice. And, you can enjoy the content through the motorhome TV. You can find these devices accessible and easy to use.

You can find various 12V portable Smart TVs for use in motorhomes or caravans on the market. However, I am not going through the advantages and disadvantages of every model. But you should know something important. Some Smart TVs cannot receive every streaming service.

Best Campervan TV With Satellite Tuner For Travelling

So, you have to be careful when buying a portable Smart TV that provides you with the services of your choice. Almost all portable Smart TVs for motorhomes or caravans in the UK comes with Amazon Prime, Netflix, and iPlayer. Some of them do not provide 4OD or ITV Player services.

Moreover, the software on some TVs might not get frequent updates. As a result, the streaming services might not work because the software did not receive the update.

Therefore, buying a portable 12V TV for your motorhome or caravan depending on its capability to stream services. Try to buy the item depending on the image quality and other intuitive features. Most of the time, the best solution for streaming services is to use an external device.

Use A Smartphone As A WiFi Hotspot?

You do not have to buy a WiFi device or anything similar to providing a 4G or 5G connection to your motorhome TV. A good solution is to 'use your smartphone' for this purpose. In most smartphones, you can activate the WiFi hotspot through the phones setting.

This is how I use the phones Internet connection to share it with my computer because of a poor landline broadband connection. So, make sure that your smartphone has the feature installed.
Also, check with your service provider to see whether they provide it or not. As of now, I am using Three for an unlimited data plan. And, I use my phone's hotspot all day long.

Types Of Input Connectivity For TV

Apart from using a DVD player on your motorhome TV, there are other methods of watching media. These include an HDMI or USB port on most of the best campervan TVs. They allow you to play a wide variety of media files.

In Conclusion

Investing in an excellent motorhome TV is worthy of your money. It is a perfect way to relax while watching TV or get something to care for your kids. They are versatile and portable. And, you can fix it to the wall with the help of mounting brackets.

Our recommendations for the best campervan TV to fit your budget can function effectively through different power options. However, to prevent technical issues with the TV and facing trouble, we suggest choosing a portable TV from a well-renowned brand. They provide you with extended warranties and give you peace of mind.