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Updated 06/05/2020:
Looking for the best TV set top box with all UK channels? It is easy to inexpensively broaden your home entertainment options. A digital set top box can provide you with immediate access to streaming films, Television shows, movies as well as tunes on your smart TV HD system.

: Manhattan 4K Digital TV Box Freeview Play

4K Digital TV Box Freeview In Black

£166   Manhattan 4K Digital TV Box - Get It!  

: Sky Set Top Box PVR With WiFi And Recorder

Set Top Box PVR With Curved Front

£93   Sky Set Top Box PVR With WiFi - Get It!  

: Netgem NetBox Catch-Up TV Box Freeview Play

TV Box Freeview Play With Small Remote Control

£79   Netgem NetBox Catch-Up TV Box - Get It!  

: Wharfedale Freeview HD Box 8 Day Programme

Freeview HD Box In White And Black

£32   Wharfedale Freeview HD Box - Get It!  

: BT YouView+ TV Set Top Freeview Recorder

The YouView+ Box allows you to observe the television you want, when you wish in super HD. Admission to all the important catch-up TV, such as iPlayer, ITV Player and (4oD) etc. There is no membership required with no satellite dish necessary. You can search back and view television from the previous week, stop and 'rewind even live television' too.

Set Top Box In Black With BT Logo

You have the ability to document approximately 300 hours television, use smart search and smart phone applications for remote recording and usage of high-definition stations, all with no fan for quiet functioning. If you are away whenever your preferred TV program is on. Then the initial program manual dates back over time, so that you can view through yesterday or a week ago.

You may document the one you would like, with room for plenty of Television and are able to document one channel as you're watching an additional, or even record 2 live TV channels while you are watching a recording or on-demand programme. Temporarily stop, go back and skip forward your recorded media.
[Rating: 9/10]   £109   Get It - BT YouView+ TV Set Top Box

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: Panasonic Freeview TV Recorder With Viera

This DMR twin tuner Freeview+ HD recorder comes with a huge 500 GB internal HDD, providing nearly 130 long hours of HD storage. The HWT130 is pleasingly Netflix suitable and features a remote recording assistance, plus the capability to view recorded or live Television programmes on a DLNA licensed Television at home.

TV Recorder In All Black Finish

Panasonic's small PVR supplies sophisticated, intelligent functions, for example - 'VIERA Connect' for usage of an array of web solutions like iPlayer, Google YouTube and Netflix etc. DLNA streaming and exterior 4K HD TV recording, as well as storage space via SD card.

Using the three primary Television companies, BBC, ITV and 4 now provide excellent HD programming free of charge. Panasonic supply the versatility in order to record and view several at any given time. Regardless of whether you wish to record two diverse stations at the same time, or even record one HD programme although viewing yet another.
[Rating: 9/10]   £179   Get It - Panasonic Twin TV Recorder

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: UK Digital TV Set Top Box UK Channels

A reliable TV set top box with all UK channels included observing full high-definition Freeview as well as regular digital Television in 1080P calibre, plus 50 electronic radio receiver channels. It comes with a rather fashionable concept advanced silver colour.

Freeview High Definition receiving system and recording equipment in GB plus NI. Maximum UK stations incorporated like BBC, CH4, ITV plus many more, however it delivers with several extra incomparable characteristics in comparison to those more common packages.

With the recording functionality, it's possible to document any Television show on an SD card, or perhaps exterior USB power USB storage stick alternative and the merchandise functions additionally as a multi media player.

Digital TV Set-Top Box With Black Remote Control

You are able to play tracks with this smart TV box in MP3 music platform, observe pictures or perhaps watch reliable kinds of video recording data files out of the card or even an exterior USB power drive.

Simply no every month expenses to pay up, but it's possible to acquire practically all high-definition stations with virtually any Television set and SCART, or even HDMI associations. No issue how old the Television is, merely link-up to your roof or maybe interior antenna.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23   Get It → Digital TV Set-Top Box UK

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: Humax HDR TV Recorder With Freesat

The Humax HDR is a quality device that obtains all (Free to Air) High Definition digital Television channels through the Freeview provider. It is a quality digital television recorder full of recording, multi-media, home-networking and on-demand solutions for the best subscription-free Television encounter.

Smart TV Recorder In White

Record as much as 125 hours of high definition TV, which may be chosen from a straightforward to view electronic program guidebook. The 8 day EPG enables you to prepare your own 'foreseeable' future.

Using the remote device, you can just emphasise the channel and show you desire to record and press a record switch. You can now record a complete series at the contact of a button.
[Rating: 9/10]   £624   Get It - Humax HDR HD TV Recorder

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: Spiderbox 6000 HD TV Set Top Box

The brand new Spiderbox 6000HD is here. Spiderbox 6000 HD includes built-in Wi-Fi compatibility. PVR equipped by means of USB, Youtube and 1 card slot conax. Some specialised particulars include the digital satellite receiver DVB-S/S2, which is digitally certified QPSK 8PSK.

TV Set Top Box In Black And Silver Effect

Pass-through complete high definition 1080p, EPG (Electronic Program Guide) 1 week digital video recorder equipped with optionally available exterior drive. Record channel, observe channel 8 programmable event timers and media player assistance.

Parental management and network support by Ethernet and WiFi. Weather conditions support and One smart card port Dolby Digital plus.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It - Spiderbox TV Set Top Box

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: JUSTOP Android Smart TV Set Top Box

The ultra-modern dual core Android 4.2 smart TV box enables you to possess a superb overall performance, where it's now feasible using the dual core CPU and the 1G DD3 ROM - it is possible to multi-task through the entire Android box with superior three dimensional capabilities. It comes with an integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 b,g,n component Bluetooth 4.0.

Smart TV Set Top Box Showing Box And Accessories

It uses the 3rd generation USB dongle, which will make it a possibility to have your web almost everywhere. You are able to obtain Android apps that are offered on Google play, or modify the box for just about any particular wishes or requirements. It really will make your TV intelligent once again.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It - JUSTOP Android TV Set Top Box

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A recordable smart TV set top box for Freesat including Android that affords you entry to a universe of Apps like YouTube, popular iPlayer, Skype, Google as well as listing and more besides. It may be effortlessly accessed on your LG OLED Television for associated entertainment from your armchair.

A superior Freeview high-definition radio receiver with production from HD stations 1080p, where live Television appears beautiful. Observing and recording TV shows is a delight including time shift, PVR in addition EPG, your very own observing can certainly be prearranged, stopped, rewind as well as watched again.

Smart Netflix TV Boxes UK Channels Catch-Up And Movies

Including equally Ethernet and WiFi connection, it can additionally acquire on the web any where you like. Elementary to set-up, it's possible to refresh your position inside a few minutes of connecting.

Wireless Bluetooth headset congenial for Skype, plus special keyboards for WhatsApp as well as soundbars for free satellite Television. It can simply be plugged Wirelessly throughout the integral Bluetooth. Acoustic streaming and connectivity to VOiP headphones is effortless.

: Humax 320GB Freeview Set Top Box

You should not overlook your preferred programs from now on. Designed with the most recent technologies and slimline structure, the Humax PVR supplies digital terrestrial and provides an incorporated huge 320GB hard drive. It permits you to record one station as you're watching yet another. Record 2 programs at the same time while playing back an earlier recording.

Humax Freeview Set Top Box In Glossy Black Exterior

Additionally, there is (Picture in Picture) functionality to help you take pleasure in a couple of your preferred programs simultaneously. The Humax unit incorporates an extremely receptive receiver for excellent reception and a live 8 days EPG for far better programme facts about almost all stations. In addition, it makes it possible for subtitles, digital teletext and more functions.
[Rating: 9/10]   £239   Get It - Humax Freeview Set Top Box

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: MAG IPTV Set Top Box Media Player

MAG IPTV set top box multi-media system player for Web Television - set receiver IP plus HB electronic WLAN stick. Processor STiH207 RAM 512 MB using OS Linux.

Incorporated media portal including 'PVR functionality' established on WebKit. Newest instance of the employment of Java Script API that finally acquaints you to the most significant variables of the STB box.

Set Top Box With Black Dongle

The monitor micro is outfitted with high profile safety arrangements. Replay of video recording sound files on the local net or even the web.

Functioning with captions in addition diverse transport communications protocols UPnP, SAMBA. Select sound track, management of the picture window plus the power of the settings and modes of the STB on it's own.
[Rating: 9/10]   £68   Get It → MAG IPTV Set Top Box

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: Humax FVP HD Freeview Play WiFi Recorder

The Humax FVP is a super device with High Definition digital Television stations through the Freeview system. This DTR (digital television recorder) is stuffed with recording, media, home-networking and on-demand solutions for that supreme subscription-free Television encounter.

Recorder Box In Black And Silver Look

Basically connect the HDR to your HD ready TV to experience 4 high definition stations, in addition to usage of as much as 50 Freeview regular definition Television channels and 24 radio stations.

The 8 day EPG enables you to schedule your long term observing, using the remote device you can easily emphasise the station and show you desire to record and push the record switch.
[Rating: 9/10]   £257   Get It - Humax WiFi HD Recorder Box

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Change your current Television in to an intelligent UK digital TV box media centre. Gain access to an enormous listing of streaming films and tunes, along with other home entertainment. Personalised pictures as well as other content via a single gadget. Show TV content material up to full HD 1080p resolution.