Compact PA Systems For Solo Singers And Musical Fun

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Updated 04/08/2020:
We assist you in finding the best portable PA system for music party, singers and bands - the packages here are fantastic Wireless PA systems for public speaking, DJ tunes, sport occasions and other events like karaoke, which requires an outdoor sound system on the go.

These modest sized public address sound systems use a battery pack or mains power although there are small PA systems designed for use where AC electric power might not be easily accessible - like tenting, at the seaside and other outdoor scenarios for everyday appreciation.

: ALTO Bluetooth PA System Stream Wirelessly

Bluetooth PA System With Black Exterior

£96   ALTO Bluetooth PA System - Get It!  

: ION Portable PA System With Wireless Mic 100W

Portable PA System With Big Handle

£195   ION PA System With Mic - Get It!  

: Vocal-Star Outdoor PA System With LED Impact

PA System With Blue LED Lighting

£119   Vocal-Star Outdoor PA System - Get It!  

Lenco Portable PA System Package Bluetooth

Portable PA System With Black Strap

£198   Lenco Portable PA System Package - Get It!  

Busker Wireless PA System With Mobile Microphone


  • Bluetooth Media Play Back
  • Switchable Mic Voice Over


  • None.

Wireless PA System With Black Trolley Handle

£129   Busker Wireless PA System - Get It!  

Vexus PA Sound System With Active Powered Speaker

PA Sound System On Tripod With Remote

£169   Vexus PA Sound System - Get It!  

Types Of PA System For Your Needs

These PA system packages are slightly bigger than the portable Bluetooth audio speakers that have turned out to be ever more popular throughout the last couple of years - and are considerably more flexible for live show requirements etc.

Features You Need To Be Aware Of

Most portable Wireless Bluetooth empowered PA sound systems are more substantial, even louder and frequently integrate highlights like small 'wheels and grips', precisely like some suitcases. If perhaps you are a solitary artist, we hope you explore our PA speakers with a passion.

Small All In One PA Systems

You should sound superb any time you perform and never expect to waste additional time, strength and cash into your structure than you carry directly into your music. You will find all in one PA system for bands possible that incorporate active speakers and even special effects in a straightforward, streamlined model.

Solo Singers In Modest Venues

For vocalists or small to medium-sized cafe performances and minor acoustic outfits, these compact PA systems will save you cash, time and breathing space. Nowadays, there are audio speaker systems which can instantly identify what you are connecting to and will enhance the sound as necessary.

Smart DJ And Party Entertainment

A handful of party PA systems can acknowledge whether you have organised them top to bottom on audio speaker stages or flat - and will instantly enhance their audio for that position. Other integrated smart functionalities range from auto feedback reduction, networked and remote controlled ease of use.

PA Speaker Subwoofer Sound

You are most likely aware that subwoofers are simply audio systems enhanced for recreating the minimum bass sound frequencies. Putting in speaker subwoofers will not automatically make the system louder. They will, in fact, permit you to run the system at a reduced volume level while nonetheless keeping full-range.

Adastra Compact PA 2 Microphones And Mp3

Compact PA System With Handle On Top

£71   Adastra Compact PA System - Get It!  

Tonor Portable PA System Bluetooth For Parties

Portable PA System With 2 Mics On Top

£74   Tonor Portable PA System Bluetooth - Get It!  

Skytec Party PA System Rechargeable Battery

Party PA System In Black Trolley Style

£140   Skytec Party PA System 700W - Get It!  

Best PA Speaker Sound Output

When a subwoofer is integrated into a full-range audio speaker, the functionality of the mid as well as high-frequency drivers will be affected as a result of extreme vibration of the potent bass sound frequencies.

More significant PA speaker systems may honourably replicate low frequencies, nevertheless for accurate full-range audio, you will need a dedicated sub-woofer.

Microphone And Speaker Configuration

The ideal PA strategy usually identifies an item, or an assortment of equipment that provides sound exorbitant capabilities by using a microphone, proper amplification and speaker structure. The complete PA systems for sale today are without question an abridged means of expressing a unique address system.

Buying The Right PA System

There are lots manufacturers, versions and types of DJ PA system equipment that will probably be too constricted or small to operate in some more significant situations, although contemporary systems might be really high-priced for a more small-scale group to handle.

Wireless Bluetooth And Karaoke Usage

More portable PA systems with Bluetooth are undoubtedly an essential item of merchandise for those setting up for high capacity functions. This might incorporate a variety of activities, from a college gathering to a karaoke night time in a clubhouse or dance hall - even a stuffy community meeting etc.

Sufficient Volume For Your Stage

An efficient and manageable outdoor PA system strategy will give you a controllable alternative for just about any coverage and notices which have to be observed above the audio of any group of individuals, or perhaps outside where voice is somewhat more challenging to process.

Mains Or Battery Powered Equipment

The simple disco PA system will give you a proficient solution that includes the mic, amplification model and the audio system. Several will require little if any installation, enable equally mains as well as battery power, and can be thoroughly mobile via separate equipment.

Mid-range solutions might need minimum exertion putting together and consist of an independent amp, mixing machine and audio speaker devices. The different kinds of 'party PA' system happen to be satisfactory for smaller sized locations and happenings.

Monacor Portable PA System Wireless Microphone

This transportable amplifier system uses a built-in flexible multi frequency receiving system unit with PLL. Ideally accommodated for mobile practical applications, for instance sales, parties etc.

Durable plastic case of modest dimensions with carry handle plus band. Functioning integrated recharging lead electric battery 12V 2.7AH.

Portable PA System Black Finish

Functioning time as much as '3 hours', or furnished switch setting and one tuner microphone transmission channel using 16 selectable UHF frequencies - plus volume level control.

1 microphone input through 6.3mm single channel jack, one line input, common volume level control plus tone command.
[Rating: 9/10]   £172   Get It → Monacor Portable PA System Mic

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Ibiza Sound Wireless Portable PA System Microphones

In accession to it's special audio calibre for item class, this particular transportable system extends significant characteristics, for example an incorporated recharging battery.

Wireless Portable PA System With Top Handle


  • Several Connectivity Slots
  • Dual Power Supply 12V 220V


  • None

It includes 2 WiFi VHF microphones, headset plus hand held mics, a remote device control plus several in and outputs for all types of resources incorporating USB or MP3 slots.

One remote device REC features VOX purpose bass and treble commands, volume level, plus echo commands for the microphone.
[Rating: 9/10]   £189   Get It → Ibiza Wireless Portable PA System

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PA Set-Up And Connectivity

Selected wall installed audio speakers, various microphone plugs and the capability to combine diverse audio resources will almost all prove PA set-up beneficial. In settlement for the extra features, a PA system will demand just a minimal power amp if there is not likely to be extreme backdrop sound.

PA Kit Compared To Karaoke Machine

Karaoke devices are actually a professional kind of PA sound system which contains a mic, amp and speaker, along with a built-in outstanding music player.

It is recommended to observe that while karaoke equipment is capable of carrying out the primary responsibilities of a PA model, not every compact PA system works exceptionally well as a karaoke machine.

Wireless PA For Professional Usage

More than a few karaoke models use an extra output that enables end users to show lyrics upon a TV screen. This is undoubtedly a professional capability which is seldom incorporated into many Wireless PA system solutions not designed for karaoke implementation.

The proper PA speaker system for real-world music is the one that can cast the singer's style with clearness, with a hearable volume level. This is undoubtedly an element identified principally through the arrangement alone.

Behringer Euro Mobile PA System WiFi Microphones

The Europort bundles impressive high power in addition to audio quality in to a modest, transportable suitcase design PA organisation that's quick and comfortable to assemble.

Mobile PA System With WiFi And Black Mic

Perfect for events, schools, business and informative demonstrations, working instrumentalists and even wedding ceremonies. The 'integrated Wireless Bluetooth' connection enables you to stream tracks from your mobile phone.

Stream via tablet PC or perhaps additional Bluetooth furnished gadget. This particular high powered unit additionally features first class effects from Klark Teknik.
[Rating: 9/10]   £699   Get It → Behringer PA System With WiFi

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Fenton 350W Wireless PA System For Sale

Using this excellent mobile Wireless PA system for sale, it's possible to delight in your preferred tunes anyplace.

This modern small sized, however complete transportable organisation incorporates virtually every thing you'd anticipate, for example an amp, sound inputs as well as USB power slot. Also SD card port, VHF WiFi microphones along with remote device.

LED Lit Wireless PA System For Sale In Black

It's possible to stream tunes instantly via your smart device or perhaps deploy the integral MP3 music player. This particular integrated strategy functions through mains power or even a 12V interior re-chargeable battery.

An ideal organisation for instrumentalists, entertainers as well as arrangers of parties and events with it's 15 inch 350 Watts dynamic audio system plus grill and multi-coloured LED's.
[Rating: 9/10]   £120   Get It → Fenton PA System For Sale

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PA System Packages For Singers And Small Parties

We offer budget-friendly and inexpensive PA systems available for sale with Wireless mic features, using mains powered accessibility, or simply the included 12 Volt charging battery pack. Subsequently, these DJ PA systems can be used indoors or perhaps outside free from the worry of power restrictions.

SHIDU Compact PA System With Bluetooth

Enjoy your favoured tunes using this impressive compact PA system package and Wireless speaker. It is perfected for virtually any celebration or occasion, regardless if it's inside or even open-air.

Powerful Compact PA System Package With Microphone

It operates with just about any sound device as well as additional audio products, and includes casters - as well as retractile hand grip so you can effortlessly relocate the audio speaker around. Cabled microphone along with auxiliary stereo system input.
[Rating: 9/10]   £78   Get It → SHIDU Compact PA System Package

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QTX Wireless Modest PA System With Microphones

A complete compact PA system with microphones using a sturdy road suitable design and a range of amalgamated characteristics. Integrated amp functioning from mains power or perhaps internal recharging battery power boosts the 12 inch bass sound driver.

Compact PA System With Black Remote Control

A shaped hand grip and rod mount are incorporated in the PA system package - a retracting design trolley manager plus back rollers offer effortless mobility.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159   Get It → QTX Wireless Compact PA System

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Some comprehensive PA system packages ship with a retractile engineered hand-grip and small wheels - establishing transfer surprisingly easy. The most popular all in one strategy may be equipped with an integrated 'Wireless Bluetooth receiver' inside for streaming applications.