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The most efficient best GPS for walking devices provide great design and useful functions like accurate navigation, Auto Geotagging and GLONASS satellite. Get a touch-screen display walking sat nav with back lighting and 3 Axis compass from Garmin. See our car sat nav recommendations.

01: Garmin Oregon 600T Accelerometer Handheld GPS

Durable, sleek and bright sunlight legible, it's glove welcoming with enhanced colour touch screen GPS navigation 'GLONASS satellite' for precise tracking. Integral global base map with shaded relief provide you with all of the resources for significant ascending, or hiking. 3 axis compass, accelerometer and efficient altimeter.

Altimeter Handheld GPS In Black With Compass Nav View

Garmin Oregon 600T Altimeter Handheld GPS

Wireless sharing through Bluetooth with 'pinch to zoom' portrait or landscape orientation choice. Sophisticated height characteristics, plus the potential future plot demonstrates to you what has been carried out.

Improved graphical user interface with profiles. This GPS navigation device can easily support over 3 million geo caching details and uses dual power batteries.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £275 Details - Garmin Oregon Handheld GPS

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02: Magellan eXplorist 610 Handheld Altitude GPS

The eXplorist 610 brings together high sensitivity GPS navigation reception with easily readable maps and precise course plotting functions. Stay on course with well over 30 navigational information fields. Produce waypoints, record tracks and course from all points.

Handheld Altitude GPS Map Of Scotland Screen

Magellan eXplorist 610 Handheld Altitude GPS

Download and examine in excess of 20 distinctive qualities of every storage cache. Particulars include name, place, explanation, dimension, difficulty, landscape and up to date logs developed by various other geocachers.

The eXplorist delivers probably the most precise roadmaps to the palms of your hands. The 'World Edition' guide enables 2D or 3D watching perspectives.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £458 Details - Magellan eXplorist 610 Handheld GPS

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03: 64 Garmin GPS For Walking Handheld UK Device

A 2.6 inch sun decipherable colour display GPS For walking handheld with high-sensitivity GLONASS receiver including quad helix aerial for a more accelerated satellite fixing and high setting reception.

It is loaded using Topo GB plus Ireland light mapping, boasting Garmin action perfected routing - as well as global base map. All incorporating a 1 year birds-eye satellite imaging subscription service.

2.6 Inch GPS For Walking Handheld In Black And Red

Garmin 64 GPS For Walking Handheld

Sturdy, light weight and water-repellent including an open-air optimised twin battery arrangement, plus 4 GB interior memory with a micro SD card port for supplemental map functionality.

This GPS walking tracker has the power to stack away 5000 way points, 200 routes as well as 10000 traverse log places and incorporates geo-caching loaded with 25000 in-built. Barometric altimeter along with 3 axis compass for accurate altitude interpretations.
[Rating: 9/10] - £279 Get It → Garmin 64 GPS For Walking Handheld

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04: Bushnell U-Blox 6 LED Back-Lit BackTrack GPS Device

The initial BackTrack altered the status, using it's unequalled simplicity of use. The modern Bushnell Backtrack G2 GPS handheld tracker has become a lot more efficient with 20 percent reduction in weight, improved with a new ergonomic structure, as well as better design and style.

6 LED Back-Lit Display BackTrack GPS In Grey With Compass View

Bushnell U-Blox 6 LED BackTrack GPS

Making use of GPS navigation technologies in the most rudimentary arrangement, it has simply two control keys and stores as much as three destinations. At the end of the day, basically choose your required position, and also the device demonstrates course as well as range associated with journey.
(Rating: 4.94/5) £53 Details - Bushnell U-Blox LED BackTrack GPS

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05: SatMap Active Wireless Bluetooth Hand Held GPS

The Active 12 'hiking handheld GPS' is ideal for mapping using a high definition display screen, including double the resolution of it's own predecessor including a lustrous and more clean-cut display.

It's possible to take full benefit of the high resolution (Ordnance Survey) maximum GB 1:50k mapping incorporated in this version. It additionally boasts a barometric altimeter for amended elevation precision and assistance for Wireless Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi Sports Hand Held GPS In Black And Yellow

SatMap Active 12 Plus Wi-Fi Hand Held GPS

Supplied using worldwide and Great Britain base mappings, it can assist you design an expedition in to your localised hills, or perhaps an outing to a different side of the globe.

It's a big display screen featuring mapping GPS that reveals extremely elaborated topographic mapping. Although being effortless to function for new end users, it additionally features a range of updated functions esteemed by pros.
[Rating: 9/10] £399 Get It → SatMap Active Wi-Fi Hand Held GPS

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06: Bryton Rider Wireless 50 GPS Cycle TFT LCD Display

The Bryton Rider50 is a flexible GPS navigation cycle PC with a revolutionary style, but it's characteristics allow you to produce a training system well suited for your preferences.

The Rider 50 additionally contains a display that is readable in natural light, so you have the ability to discover correctly the Basemap+ and the path associated with the journey, even in extreme conditions.

Wireless 50 GPS Cycle PC TFT LCD Display In Black Showing Compass

Bryton Rider Wireless 50 GPS Cycle PC

The website allows you to stay inspired, calculate and evaluate oneself against additional sports persons throughout the world and also to connect online. You are able to specifically publish your computer data from your Rider 50, evaluate them, observe how well you're progressing as well as perform a much more.
(Rating: 4.94/5) £106 Details - Bryton Rider Wireless GPS TFT LCD

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07: Garmin Monterra Wi-Fi Handheld GPS GeoTagging LED

The Monterra is the very first full-featured Wi-Fi empowered GPS navigation gadget that combines wonderful Garmin outdoor proficiency using the flexibility of the Android OS. Monterra combines the sturdy and adaptable OS in to a dependable and durable, feature-packed, portable GPS navigation device.

Wi-Fi Handheld GPS Showing Compass And Start Screen

Garmin Monterra Wi-Fi Handheld GPS

This transflective display screen makes use of the effectiveness of the sun's rays to supply the very best legibility in almost any circumstance.

By doing this, it will save you energy during the day because the 'LED backlight' only is required to be switched on in reduced illumination environments.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £394 Details - Garmin Monterra Wi-Fi Handheld GPS

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08: Bushnell Bear D-Tour GPS Device Calibrating Compass

The Bushnell Bear Grylls D-Tour GPS device will store and look for as much as 10 independent destinations. It is an uncomplicated to use GPS with no map necessary. A brand new D-Tour programme to document your paths. Visualise your track on Google Maps using the App.

GPS Device In Orange And Black Exterior

Bushnell Bear Grylls D-Tour GPS Device

The Bushnell Bear includes latitude and longitude coordinates, plus time and altitude data. It features a back-lit grayscale LCD screen and is weather resistant, very stream-lined and lightweight, weighs just over 81 grammes.
(Rating: 4.94/5) £84 Details - Bushnell Bear D-Tour GPS Device

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09: Spot GEN3 Satellite Hand GPS Tracking GPS Coordinates

The Spot Gen3 GPS presents you an evaluative life saving channel of communicating whenever you journey beyond the limits of mobile range.

The most recent generation of award successful gadgets, it allows family and acquaintances to acknowledge if you are 'all right'. If the worst should befall, it broadcasts emergency responders to your exact GPS position with the press of a push button.

Satellite Hand GPS Tracker In Black And Orange

Spot GEN3 Satellite Hand GPS Tracker

A vibration sensor device orders SPOT to transmit your GPS position when you're in transit, economising battery electrical power and averts sending out replicate tracks etc.
[Rating: 9/10] £109 Get It → Spot GEN3 Satellite Hand GPS Tracker

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10: Garmin Oregon 650 GLONASS Satellite Handheld GPS Device

The new durable and water-proof GPS navigation Oregon collection comes complete with additional functions, more electrical power and also the most clever, multi-touch display screen.

With GPS navigation and GLONASS assistance, integral 3 axis compass, a barometric altimeter and as much as 16 hours life of the battery, you are able to securely steer to anywhere you wish.

GLONASS Satellite Handheld GPS In Black, Side View

Garmin Oregon 650 Handheld GPS

Using a quicker processor chip and reactive display screen, roadmaps may be easily zoomed, panned and changed utilising multi-touch. Additionally, it is durable as well as water-resistant. Oregon 650 provides great functions for virtually any out of doors journey.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £280 Details - Garmin Oregon 650 Sat Handheld GPS

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10 Reliable Walking Sat Nav Reviews - Handheld GPS Units For Outdoors

Hand held trekking GPS walking tracker units are handy transportable assistants that can assist you from any position to your destination down any plotted path.

For additional, particular route assistance, any individual with a good walking sat nav can observe and modify trails, routes, waypoints and geocaches on any PC using software. Hiking handheld GPS devices..

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