10 Best Fitness Tracker Bands With Bluetooth Function Plus

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Get inspired! Achieve goals with our best 10 Bluetooth activity tracker wristbands that monitor and inform you of vital health metrics. Wireless activity trackers with heart rate monitors connect to your mobile phone to view blood pressure, actions you adopt, travel and calories.

01: Mio Fuse Bluetooth Wi-Fi Sync HR Bracelet Monitor

The Mio Merge Bluetooth wireless health wristband brings together activity monitoring with in-workout heartbeat supervising to provide you with an extensive evaluation of 'day by day' physical activity, recuperation, as well as objective development.

Bluetooth Wi-Fi Heart Rate Wristband In Black And Red

Mio Fuse Bluetooth Wi-Fi Heart Rate Wristband

With continual heart rate wireless Bluetooth Smart 4.0 and ANT+ transmission, there is a built-in accelerometer to record your steps, calories, mileage, as well as speed. Optical heart beat statistics and demonstration in workout mode, plus multi-colour LED to reveal present data.
[Rating: 9/10] £84 5 Yellow Stars Buy → Mio Wi-Fi Heart Rate Wristband

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02: Sony Mobile SWR30 Health Tracker SmartBand Talk LifeLog

Walk plus talk using genuine hands free calling and all you require to create and accept telephone calls on your wrist.

Whenever a call comes in, push once to respond and recognise your caller, minus taking your mobile phone from your pocket or perhaps hand-bag. You will never neglect a call so keep yourself instantly updated.

Tracker SmartBand Talk In All Black

Sony Mobile Fitness Tracker SmartBand Talk:

Extended battery life-span including curved E-Ink display screen is ideal for virtually any weather condition. Attractive, sturdy design including exchangeable bracelets.
[Rating: 9/10] £122 Get It → Sony Mobile Tracker SmartBand

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03: Withings Pulse Wi-Fi Sleep And Heart Wristband Tracker

The Pulse O2 can assist you to become more energetic and get a trim body. Throughout the day it records actions, mileage strolled, height soared, as well as calories expended. During the night, it watches your sleeping cycles - so when requested, it measures your heartbeat as well as blood oxygen degree.

Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Wristband In Black Finish

Withings Pulse Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 Wristband

It adjusts to your design and style, simply put it on your wrist or connect it to your belt or clothing utilising the clip, slide it in your pocket or handbag. In the evening, make use of the bracelet to watch your sleep pattern. The monitor acknowledges your jogging and instantly exhibits a 'Run Recap' display screen together with your sporting data.
[Rating: 9/10] £79 5 Yellow Stars Buy → Withings Bluetooth Heart Wristband

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04: Misfit SHINE Auto Wi-Fi Sync Personal Fitness Wristband

Shine monitor is the sophisticated activity and sleeping monitor, which motivates you to enjoy an energetic lifestyle. Made to provide you with inspiration in a flash, Shine produces development in the direction of your day-to-day action objectives.

Auto Wi-Fi Wristband In Black With Chrome Dial

Misfit SHINE Auto Wi-Fi Sync Fitness Wristband

Urge associates to be competitive and evaluate your everyday exercise. Shine additionally instantly 'calculates deep and light sleep patterns' in order to obtain all-day observations. The monitor may be put on anyplace and for any circumstance.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £52 Buy → Misfit Wi-Fi Sync Fitness Wristband

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05: Polar Loop Heart Rate Activity Wristband Sleep Monitor

The Polar Loop action and sleeping monitor bracelet offers activity information, as well as assistance that may help you continue to be productive. Your own heart rate recorded, calories expended, actions used and also the time can all be shown on the Loop.

Heart Rate Activity Wristband In Bright Blue

Polar Loop Heart Rate Activity Wristband

Energy Pointer provides help with getting in to condition, even though the built-in activity guide and 'Activity Benefit' supply suggestions for you day by day, every week and month to month routines.

The Loop may be put on while swimming, and is water-resistant as much as WR20. 12 days of information may be kept in the interior memory, which is also suitable for wireless Bluetooth devices.
[Rating: 9/10] £44 5 Yellow Stars Buy → Polar Loop Activity Wristband

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06: Technaxx Wristband Health Wireless Bluetooth TX-38 Tracker

A stylish bracelet to watch your own health and fitness, your sleep at night, as well as your energetic stages in daylight hours. Especially appropriate for runners, along with other out of doors pursuits. It exhibits actual activity, mileage covered and excess calories burned. There is a clock and date display screen, plus alarm clock functionality.

Wristband Bluetooth Tracker In Black With Logo

Technaxx Wristband Bluetooth TX-38 Tracker

Anti-loss functionality connection by way of wireless Bluetooth 4.0. Monitor your sleeping rhythm and awaken soundlessly with a vibrating alarm system. Instantaneous use of up-to-the-minute figures through the OLED display screen. Inspires to accomplish goals and objectives as well as informs to become energetic.
[Rating: 8/10] £36 Buy → Technaxx Wristband Bluetooth Tracker

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07: Mio Link Heart Tracker Bluetooth Fitness Wrist Band

A top performance heart monitor inside a wrist band that transports continual heart beat info to health and fitness applications, as well as outdoor activity gadgets. The LINK includes a secure, streamlined style using it's soft silicone band. Obtainable in a couple of dimensions to suit a variety of wrist dimensions.

Accurate Heart Tracker In Black And Grey

Mio Link EKG Accurate Heart Tracker

Enjoy wireless Bluetooth LE4.0 and ANT+ transmitting to mobile apps and activities gadgets like Garmin etc. It works jointly with Mio GO physical fitness application. There is a one option start, stop and sync triggering. The tri colour LED signifies heart beat specific zones, which are set-up through Mio GO App.
[Rating: 9/10] £62 + - Buy → Mio Link Heart Tracker

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08: Toprime Fitness Activity Tracker Pedometer iOS Android

The Toprime tracking device incorporates an OLED display screen, water resistance, safe keeping plus synchronising of information precisely, Wireless Bluetooth, 14 days standby intention makes your open-air life-time more proficient.

Fitness Bluetooth Activity Tracker In Dark Blue Exterior

Toprime Fitness Bluetooth Activity Tracker

Set, observe advancements and in addition gain badges or share and contend with acquaintances through the day. 0.9 inch OLED touch function display supports effortless interpretation in reduced illumination surroundings.
[Rating: 9/10] £35 Get It → Toprime Bluetooth Activity Tracker

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09: UP24 Bluetooth Sleep Monitor Health Fitness Wristband

UP24 is a technique that assists you to discover how you are sleeping and enable you to make more intelligent health decisions. The brand new application exhibits your movements and sleeping particulars out of your UP24 band and provides observations, commemorates key events and obstacles to help you make every day better than the previous.

Wireless Bluetooth Sync Sleep Monitor In Black And Chrome Effect

UP24 Wireless Bluetooth Sync Sleep Bracelet

Existing with UP24 enables you to discover behaviour involving day and nighttime pursuits, plus just how well you really feel, therefore identifying the best way to improve your health and physical fitness via modest adjustments, which will become effortless over time. Wi-Fi synchronising for 'real-time knowledge' and measures.
[Rating: 9/10] £34 5 Yellow Stars Buy → UP24 Bluetooth Sync Sleep Monitor

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10: Fitbit Flex Wi-Fi Sleep Monitor Fitness Wristband Sync

Put on this particular slender, fashionable gadget constantly and obtain the determination you need to be much more energetic. It monitors actions, mileage and calories expended, as well as helps you to cope with your everyday objectives etc.

Wi-Fi Sleep Monitor Wristband In Black Waterproof Style

Fitbit Flex Wi-Fi Sleep Monitor Wristband

During the night, it monitors your own sleeping patterns, makes it possible to discover ways to sleep better and awakens you noiselessly each morning. Discover your own info at any time on your PC, tablet, or from mobile phones - both iPhone and Android. Flex can be your best friend, and will stay with you almost everywhere - even in the bathtub.
[Rating: 9/10] £39 Buy → Fitbit Flex Monitor Fitness Wristband

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11: iWnFit Bluetooth Water Proof Fitness Tracker Wristband

This first-class smart fitness tracker wristband can expose time, increments, range as well as calorie distinctly. It lets you acknowledge your sports information immediately and whenever paired, it's possible to synchronise your data to that.

Precisely scan aggregated sleeping time periods as well as movements nightly. Whenever you've a phone call or even SMS, the band is going to vibrate to prompt you.

Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Wristband In All Black

iWownFit Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Wristband

It's possible to take pictures of the entire family without additional assistance, merely deploy the activity tracker wristband remote digital camera control operation.

Real time heart rate supervise collectively with HR graph displaying visually your physical fitness circumstances. It affords you insights directly in to your fitness tendencies for sharing among associates. To find your smartphone - the intuitive device will be of value.
[Rating: 9/10] - £29 Buy → iWownFit Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Band

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Waterproof Fitness Trackers For Men And Women With Sleep Monitors

Our fitness tracker bracelets utilise sophisticated sensors to record the way you progress, exercise and sleep - plus more.

Link a own heart rate wrist band to determine the fundamental impression of your health through Wi-Fi attached applications and gadgets etc. Sync the App with other devices to increase and individualise your health supervising experience.

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