100 Watts Beats Sony MHCEC609iP.CEK Hi Fi Music System..

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The Sony MHCEC609iP.CEK is a powerful Hi-Fi structure, together with dock for other devices like iPod integration, featuring 'Dynamic Audio Generator' X Tra with compact disc player. Engage in your preferred music from your iPhone with sharp, energetic sound with the huge 100 Watts amplifier.

(Dynamic Sound Generator) X-tra Powerful Bass

Sony MHCEC609iP.CEK Black Hi-Fi

Sony MHCEC609iP.CEK Hi-Fi

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Thumping bass with 'DSG X tra' if you desperately want to appreciate beats, or listen in to your own personal favourite CD's and revel in room filling audio with sound highlights and pounding bass. Prepare yourself to spice up any party when the disposition bites, basically connect your device through the integrated dock and get in a position to jump to the music.

Even If Your Battery Runs Out?

Your device charges fully once it is docked, so a 'spent' battery will not ruin the environment or fun. You and your pals will be up and enjoying very quickly. Perhaps no party is recognised these days without having a high decibel audio system that can generate the most recent hits and dance tunes.

Top Quality Hi-Fi With Power 100 Watts..

Two front audio speakers provide 100 W of complete power for a sharp, powerful audio. Bring that 'heavy' night club sound to your residence and keep it moving every night. This top quality Hi-Fi is looking forward to just about anything. From sleek Blues to thumping Metal allow you to take pleasure in vivid sounds and deeper bass with specially constructed 'horn tweeters' and a strong woofer.

130 mm Woofer Plus Horn Tweeters

The Dynamic X-tra feature presents an immediate bass supercharge that goes further into the music. An excellent 130 mm woofer is designed for the most intense of dance music, while horn tweeters provide exciting high notes for you to enjoy.

Boost your bass to optimum ranges with the Sony MHCEC609iP.CEK Hi-Fi. A couple of front speakers provide tons of power to get any event rocking. Play your 'previous favourites' once more with an effective sound via the integrated CD music player or tune in to your preferred DJ.

30 Pre-Set FM Channels..

Listen to your most liked programs via FM DAB radio with 30 pre-specified channels. Pick from seven different equaliser options to match your music. You might even want an alternative preset for each performer or recording. Get the Sony MHCEC609iP.CEK Hi-Fi here.

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