Apple AirPlay Wi-Fi Pure Contour 200i Air Music System/Dock For iPod

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The Contour streamlined 200i Air is a sleek and stylish, but effective digital stereo music system dock, showcasing Apple's proud Wi-Fi streaming technological innovation - AirPlay.

Pure Stream for great Wi-Fi streaming of radio stations and popular music by way of the 'Connect App' on Android or indeed other iOS devices, plus a dock for your personal iPhone phone or iPad mobile computer.

Wi-Fi Connect Or Ethernet Cable Link Up

AirPlay Wi-Fi Pure Contour 200i In Semi Circular Form Black
AirPlay Wi-Fi Pure Contour 200i

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User friendly and uncomplicated with an unique room filling audio, Contour 200i also incorporates a digital output, handheld remote control and input for various other audio sources. Creating your Contour Air to make use of the AirPlay system takes just a couple of simple measures, should you be linking to your network with a Wi-Fi connection, or by means of an Ethernet wire.

'Multi Room' Experience Music System..

As soon as the AirPlay connection is set up, utilizing it to your specs is absolutely uncomplicated, as you merely choose what you want to hear on your Apple device, then you will listen to it on your Contour 200i. To put together a multi room music system, simply put 200i Air in just about any space so you could send audio to them all at the same time from iTunes perhaps.

Stream iTunes From Your PC Or MAC

The whole set of music you desire, when you want with the Contour 200i 'Lifestyle Photograph'. AirPlay is Apple's standard for streaming top quality audio and other growing media over wireless internet or Ethernet methods.

AirPlay permits you to stream music easily to the Air from an appropriated iPhone mobile or iPad or from iTunes on your PC employing a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

Two Way Sync Mirrored To Other Units..

AirPlay allows both the streaming of top quality audio, as well as 2 way synchronisation, ie modify volume on one gadget - and the audio stage is mirrored on the other unit. If you have the iOS Pure Connect, you may also use AirPlay to stream all of the Pure Connect content to your 200i. If you are using iTunes, it might also stream to several systems in numerous household areas.

Charge Your Device With The Pure Contour 200i Dock

The Pure Connect provides an incredible number of songs, thousands of decent stations and more to your Contour, wirelessly utilizing Pure Stream, or by docking your Apple unit. Accessible, cost free and with editions well suited for both iOS and Android devices, the Pure app provides you with free admission to thousands of net broadcasts.

35 Watts Of High Quality Audio..

Enjoy on demand shows, podcasts, Mp3 audio books plus more, tracks saved locally on your system, in addition to a huge inventory of songs via the Pure membership provider. To make certain you receive the most from your audio, Contour 200i has been designed to supply 35 Watts of highly comprehensive audio with twin bass ports, assisting to supply a rich 'spherical' audio.

Connect Other Audio Devices Too..

The integrated dock works with the majority of iPod and iPad types - and allows you to charge your unit and control playback utilizing the provided remote device. Additional functions include easy network connection structure, an input in order to connect other sound gadgets and an electronic output to plug to an external amp or perhaps your hi-fi equipment. Buy the Pure 200i Air Wi-Fi here.

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