Philips GoGear Vibe MP4 Player, Songbird FullSound, FastCharge, SafeSound

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The top quality GoGEAR Vibe MP4 player is included with FullSound features to deliver songs and video clips you will really enjoy, plus Songbird to synchronise audio and revel in magical musical amusement.

Superb MP4 Player Add Ons And Audio Features..

Philips GoGear Vibe MP4 in Polished Black
Philips GoGear Vibe MP4

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The SafeSound function safeguards your ears and FastCharge provides speedy charging. It gives you 4.6 cm or around 1.8 inches full colour screen for effortless, instinctive searching. Appreciate up to 22 hours of music or approximately 4 hours of video play back and fast 5 minutes recharge for one and half hours of play.

Tunes, Audio, Images And Video Clips..

Document view to arrange and view media documents, just as you do on your personal computer, although you can now take pleasure in your songs openly and entirely, without having to worry about the possibility of hearing destruction ailments.

SafeSound Constantly Examines Sound Levels..

The SAVBE08KN 12 GoGear Vibe stylish MP4 player is developed by Philips, but SafeSound persistently studies the sound levels on your GoGear player, then notifies you in the event the volume and direct exposure might have a potential impact on your extensive ability to hear.

Philips GoGear Vibe MP4 Player Hearing Health..

You can take action by modifying the volume to a lower level, or enable SafeSound to instantly manage the volume for you, with no requirement to mess with any complex configurations. Furthermore, the unique SafeSound feature offers every day and weekly overviews of your sound exposure to help you to take better charge of your hearing health and wellbeing.

Large 1.8 Inch Wide, Full Colour Screen..

A 1.8 inch wide, full colour screen lets you easily get around the control selection and check out the audio files on your new GoGEAR player. Philips provides you with never ending audio amusement. Your GoGear MP4 video player features a sleek and stylish integrated rechargeable battery for sustainable electrical power.

Up To 22 Hours Of Music - 4 Hours Of Video..

Take pleasure in as much as 22 hours of music, or 4 hours of video play using one charge. Simply plug the power wire in to charge the player - yes it is that easy. Purchase the Philips GoGear Vibe MP4 Player here.

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