10 Playstation 4 Steering Wheel Reviews - For Realistic Gaming

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Sleek variety of PS4 racing wheels and pedals for PC, offering precision control with excellent degrees of wheel rotation and realistic pedal accessories. Best steering wheel PS3 compatible with paddle shifters attached to the wheel. Can be used with other gaming accessories etc.

01: Ferrari GTE Steering Wheel Add-On 458 Challenge

The Ferrari 458 Challenge version gaming PC steering wheel Add On is a legitimate reproduction wheel that is formally certified by the Ferrari company. It sets up effortlessly in your Ferrari Integral T500 steering wheel base with comprehensive racing control buttons.

Steering Wheel In All Black With Horse Logo

Ferrari GTE Wheel Add-On Compatible 458

It offers 2 paddle shifters connected to the steering wheel and 6 easy access, plainly recognised activity control keys. There is a 3 position Manettino dial with press functionality in the middle, 1 useful multi-directional D pad and 2 big sequential paddle shifters that are linked to the steering wheel.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £64 Details GTE Steering Wheel Add-On

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02: Thrustmaster T3 RS Gaming Steering Wheel Feedback

The exciting Thrustmaster RS steering wheel with Feedback is compatible with Playstation 3 as well as your personal computer. It is indeed a driving simulation, incorporating power and accuracy, which has drawn from in excess of two decades of expert knowledge in auto racing wheels to produce a wheel and pedal set that enables end users to go as far as is feasible.

Gaming Steering Wheel In Black Easy Grip Covering

Thrustmaster T3 RS Gaming Steering Wheel

Taking up 30cm in diameter with brushed aspects, ergonomics was at the very centre of the wheel's advancement, having a perspective on optimising gaming, overall performance, as well as driving reactions.

The 'sequential gear levers' installed on the base function significant 17cm levers, which are continuously obtainable without releasing the steering wheel.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £255 Details Thrustmaster Gaming Steering Wheel

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03: Wheel Stand Pro Sturdy Logitech G25-G29 Racing Wheel

This wheel stand is a professional slim racing type, the 1st design of this style. All stands are hand made in EU from the top-grade British and in addition Italian components.

This particular edition is well-matched with Logitech G25-G27. Racing steering wheel characteristics incorporate ideal angle of the wheel column at 360 degrees flexible.

Wheel Stand Pro In Steel Finish

Wheel Stand Pro For Logitech G25-G29

Supplementary plate to determine gear wheel shifter on possibly sides of the wheel. The gear shifter may be affixed in two diverse placements, on the equivalent point of the wheel, or perhaps lower down.

It's versatile for all dimensions of players, and in addition for every desk chair and couch. Set-up to function instantly - aluminium design for long life and equilibrium.
[Rating: 9/10] £85 Get It → Wheel Stand Logitech G25-G29

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04: Logitech G29 Force Steering Wheel Pedal Set PC, PS3

The Logitech G27 racing steering wheel delivers simulator style adventure to the computer and Playstation 3. It was created to provide conclusive racing and a dual-motor pressure feedback device with helical gearing, which efficiently and correctly mimics traction reduction and weight shift.

Steering Wheel With Black Gear Shift

Logitech G29 Force Helical Gears Steering Wheel

Whether or not slipping laterally around extreme tracks or racing through the city roads, you will go through the finest circuits with a degree of overall performance and authenticity, which you may not have believed achievable. Customised 'dual-motor force feedback' enhances your racing activity.

280mm (11 Inch) Steering Wheel Stylish Leather Edge

Enjoy the fast curves while you experience the wheels lose grip, as well as fly over each and every bump in the street. Benefit from the feeling and luxury of a genuine 11 inch leather racing steering wheel sliding below your fingers as you accelerate.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £229 Details Logitech Force Steering Wheel

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05: Thrustmaster Ferrari F458 Gear Shifters Italia Wheel

The Ferrari 458 wheel from Thrustmaster is a reproduction of the steering wheel of the Forza Motorsport4. This auto steering wheel offers the perfect mixture to take pleasure from a genuinely immersive game playing encounter, an essential for genuine motor racing followers.

Gear Shift Italia Steering Wheel With Black Pedals

Thrustmaster Ferrari F458 Metallic Gear Shift Italia Wheel

The Ferrari 458 Italia functions an unique racing steering wheel with a great number of adjustments, mixing fantastic style with outstanding ergonomics. The various activity control keys and adjustments are in easy reach from the owner's fingertips.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £74 Details Thrustmaster Gear Shift Italia Wheel

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06: Logitech Driving Force Stick Shift Racing Steering Wheel

Created for Playstation 3 and Gran Turismo, the Logitech Driving Force GT racing steering wheel enables you to really feel each and every move on the street, accident and car tire rotation along with stunning authenticity. With true life race steering, transferring, stopping and velocity, your activity becomes so real.

Sequential Stick Shift Wheel In All Black Finish

Logitech Driving Force GT Sequential Shift Wheel

Precisely 'recreates holes and bumps', accidents, grip loss and even notice the outcomes of a car's weight shift. Make use of the stick or the wheel mounted paddles to decide on the ideal gear for every corner.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £117 Details Logitech Driving Stick Shift Wheel

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07: Thrustmaster T80 Sequential Gear Shift Paddles Wheel

The very first Playstation 4 legitimately accredited racing steering wheel, special edition Driveclub, for all those popular racing game titles beginning with the first. Merchandise created under recognised PS4 license and DRIVECLUB permit.

Sequential Gear Shift Paddles Wheel In Black With Pedals

Thrustmaster T80 Driveclub Shift Paddles Wheel

Special edition allows launch synergy and game optimisation. Recognised embedded firmware permitting automated acknowledgement of the steering wheel by the PS4. Slipping switch for complete compatibility of the USB racing wheel on PS3.
[Rating: 4.94/5] £64 Details Thrustmaster Gear Shift Paddles Wheel

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08: RWA Apex Sony License Steering Wheel For PS4

The conclusive best in build calibre, custom-built and genuine speeding simulation steering wheel for PS4, APEX is the elemental buy this year.

The construction squad have bundled all the characteristics as well as quality of a middle range racing steering wheel directly in to an accomplished package with enterprising affordability.

Ergonomic Steering Wheel For PS4 In All Black

RWA Apex Steering Wheel For PS4

Bespoke predispositions, complete command re mapping plus full PS4 PS4 computer conformity, it compensates the entire width of racing vehicle wheel characteristics.

It possesses a clamp, and as a consequence suction-cup attachment plus modern advancing steering modality. Rapidly transfer ranging from 270 degrees turning ratio to as much as 180 degrees with the press of a push button.
[Rating: 9/10] - £74 Get It → RWA Apex Steering Wheel For PS4

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09: Speedlink Drift OZ Rapid Shifter Paddles Racing Wheel

Perhaps control is just about everything around the race track, but the DRIFT gaming PC steering wheel provides you with ideal management of virtually any car. Using a rubberised racing wheel edge for best grip and robust suction power cups for the greatest achievable hold, even though performing tricky manoeuvres.

Rapid Access Shifter Paddles Racing Wheel In Black, Brown And Chrome

Speedlink Drift OZ Shifter Paddles Racing Wheel

Additionally, it includes an expert gear stick, accurate pedals and rapid access shifter paddles so it's possible to secure those essential high speeds. In addition, you are able to readily modify the switch and pedal settings and choose the level of sensitivity along with arranged vibration. Handle any kind of car and master every single track.
[Rating: 4.94/5] £46 Details Speedlink Drift Shifter Wheel

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10: Trust Vibrations Feedback USB Wheel GXT Gear Shift Levers

The Trust GXT 27 force vibration steering wheel for Playstation and computer is a compact USB wheel with pedals for stopping, acceleration and speed, as well as vibrations feedback is essential for just about any enthusiastic digital driver. You can have an authentic auto racing experience.

Feedback USB Wheel With Black Pedal Mat

Trust Vibrations Feedback USB Gaming Wheel

Very easily connect the racing steering wheel for your desk using the incorporated desk bracket and powerful terminal. The controls characteristics 12 activity control keys, '2 gear levers' and pressure sensitive switches for the best race game playing adventure. Appropriate for computer, Playstation 2 and Sony PS3, making the GXT 27 steering wheel invaluable.
[Rating: 4.94/5] £60 Details Trust Vibrations Gear Shift Levers

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Best Steering Wheel For PC PS3 And 4 - Thrustmaster, Ferrari, Logitech

The finest steering wheels for PS4, personal computer and Wii. Providing you with the the most realistic driving adventure with credible force vibration, sequential levers and activity control keys. All our PS4 steering wheels help you feel like you are in fact experiencing and enjoying the various road circumstances.