PURE i-20 ClearSound Dock For iPod And iPhone Hi-Fi Audio

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The PURE i-20 presents a new era of digital iPod dock that creates to hi-fi quality audio from increased bit rate tunes on your iPod music device or iPhone by taking out the raw digital sound and running it on the dock by itself.

24 Bit 192 KHz Digital Analogue Converting Function

Making use of the 'PURE ClearSound' digital technological innovation for it's electronic output and an exceptional 24 Bit 192 KHz digital-analogue converter, ready for it's analogue end results, the i-20 makes certain you receive the perfect sound from your digital audio home gallery.

i-20 PURE Digital Dock
i-20 PURE Digital Dock

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Charges Up Your Phone Device While Docked

With a fashionable appearance and durable design, the i-20 digital docking device means that your iPod is organised safely and securely. The adjustments are conveniently available when docked. i-20 can also output the video from appropriate iPhone units, and charges your device while docked, plus includes a convenient handheld remote control.

The i-20 DAC (Digital To Analogue Converter) Function

PURE's i-20 facilitates all digital sound output suitable iPod models - for example the iPod Touch and provides greatest versatility and quality, by enabling the user to link to any hi-fi procedure or radio stations using digital or analogue components. When linked by way of the analogue output, the i-20's DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) makes certain that the sound quality from high bit-rate iPod songs is provided perfectly.

ClearSound Digital Audio Technology..

The streamlined i20 removes the digital transmission and utilizes PURE ClearSound digital technologies to generate it's digital sound outputs, making sure that there is no 'skimping' when attached to a quality digital amp or hi-fi structure.

More Features Of The PURE i-20 Device Dock..

EcoPlus is an announcement of PURE's continuous commitment to the surroundings and it's potential. This implies that ecological impact has been regarded in the style, production and transportation of merchandise. i-20 will be the ideal approach to connect your iPhone to your hi-fi program, or high definition television.

Eco Friendly Dock for iPod And iPhone

The primary focus of EcoPlus is the necessity to reduce the power utilization of items, while actively playing audio - and in addition in standby mode. With digital radio (DAB), you will find a much wider selection of songs, discussion and suggestions, all in really clear digital audio.

No More Messing Around With Radio Frequencies

Digital radios tend to be more reliable in it's results than analogue radios simply because they instantly seek out all accessible channels. As soon as the radio has found all the readily available stations, you simply select the one you want by title. Forget about attempting to consider radio frequencies and such...

Try New Exclusive Digital Channels...

You will certainly be indulged for choice - in addition to lot's of your current favourite channels now transmitting on digital airwaves, you will also discover excellent exclusive digital channels. Digital radio stations are just not subject to the same disturbance as analogue radio - contributing to magnificent, disturbance free music playing. Get the PURE i-20 Dock here.

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