7 Pocket Sized Electronic Measuring Devices For Easy Calculation

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Speedy, user friendly handheld laser distance measurers use computation methods for distance, area and volume. Extremely precise laser measurement tools offering superior accuracy and reliability. Well suited for surveyors, builders or DIY types, metric or imperial.

TackLife Laser Measurer With Dual Bubble Levels .. (Featured!)

This is our choice laser distance measurer, generally used in building design and ideal for UK estate agents, particularly in big houses for sale and construction projects where precision and reliability are paramount.

An invaluable instrument with several useful features like mute, retrieval function and bubble levels that are generally found in more expensive devices, intelligently assessing all calculations accurately and quickly.

High Precision LCD Laser Measurer In Red

Buy The TackLife Advanced Laser Measurer!

It registers measurements with information safe keeping features including individual plus continual measuring functions. High precision and broad measuring spectrum adequate to 40 metres with an anti-slip style.

Outfitted as a spirit level and distance instrument, you can easily switch among metres, inches or feet. With a modest size and hand-held style, it's transportable and easy to operate. Big LCD with back light is dependable for night-time function.

TackLife Laser Measurer Conclusion:
A highly recommended laser measuring tool with a reasonable price tag, display screen light plus multi-line console and low battery signal - Get it today while stocks last!
[Rating: 10/10] - £23 Get It → TackLife High Precision Laser Measurer

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01: Leica DISTO D2 Precision Laser Range Measurer

This extremely precise laser range calculating device is user-friendly and uncomplicated. The D2 is the most compact laser measure accessible, however it still includes a great deal of functions and features to accommodate the requirements of numerous trades that are employing this tool regularly.

Precision Laser Range Measurer In Navy And Orange

Leica DISTO D2 Laser Range Measurer

Using a range of 60 metres, as well as an accuracy and reliability of only 1.5mm, it is a recognised device for many interior dimension purposes, saving valuable time over additional calculating techniques.

It is the laser measure selected by estate agents and surveyors, flooring companies, electrical engineers, local plumbers, craftsmen etc.
[Rating: 9/10] £142 Get It → Leica Laser Range Measurer

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02: Bosch Zamo Laser Distance Measuring Tool With LED

The Bosch PLR 15 'laser range finder' solution supplies higher degrees of accuracy each time for rapidly calculating lengths and ranges. You may be calculating simply to suspend pictures exactly the same length apart, or to check if a brand new furniture article will fit in your family room.

Laser Distance Measuring Tool With Black Display

Bosch Zamo Laser Distance Measuring Tool

The style of the Bosch PLR 15 keeps it easier to prevent the need for 'expert understanding', and as an alternative, may be used to take a measurement with only one button. It provides a consistent way of measuring, which may be ceased with a single push of the red option, after which restarted once again with an additional push.
[Rating: 9/10] £42 Get It → Bosch Laser Distance Measuring Tool

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03: ELEPHAS Digital Laser Measure And Distance Meter

An instantaneous way of measuring distance, area, or perhaps quantity with a single switch procedure. The Elephas includes broad calculating range with substantial accuracy and reliability and automated computation of area and quantity. Oblique dimensions by Pythagorean Theorem with single continuous dimension.

Laser Distance Meter In Black And Yellow Finish

ELEPHAS Digital Laser Measure Distance Meter

Maximum and minimum range monitoring with effortless addition and subtraction of calculated dimensions. Level bubble included plus uncomplicated focusing on 'vibrant laser pointer'. Big LCD with backlight and multi-line display screen of 4 lines. Automatic modification and miscalculation record solutions and buzzer prompt.
[Rating: 9/10] £24 Get It → ELEPHAS Laser Distance Meter

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04: KKmoon Laser Measuring Device Bubble Spirit Level

The RZE-80 offers substantial accuracy, reliability and extensive calibrating range of approximately 80 metres. Speedy measurement of length, area and volume with just one control key function plus automated calculations and oblique dimensions by Pythagorean theorem. Min and max range monitoring display screen.

Laser Measuring Device Front And Reverse View

KKmoon Accurate Laser Measuring Device

Substantial LCD with back-lit display screen and multi-line feature. Automatic mistake statement solutions and battery power condition signal. Frequently used in buildings, particularly in significant locations - for example rooms, flats, complexes, large properties, industrial facilities, stores and so forth.
[Rating: 9/10] £23 Get It → KKmoon Laser Measuring Device

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05: Stanley 30m High Precision Laser Distance Measurer

An impressive laser distance measurer that ascertains range as much as 30 meters using a precision of plus or perhaps minus only 2 millimetres.

Furnished with several easy to operate characteristics which make virtually any trades person's life working more comfortable. The distance measurer is just right for building electricians, construction contractors, working stone-masons etc.

High Precision Laser Distance Measurer Black And Yellow

Stanley Laser Measurer

It is for painters, designers, inspectors, as well as builders to effortlessly and accurately appraise range and work out area as well as volume for household and industrial designing - plus major construction undertakings. This bundle comprises laser range measurer, fast start instructions and AA included batteries.
[Rating: 9/10] - £70 Get It → Stanley Laser Distance Measurer

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06: Stabila STB-LD420 Big Digit Laser Distance Measurer

The LD Stabila is adjustable in it's function throughout storing measurements, plus it attends to the separate preparation of any 'quick offer' due to the incorporated computation features.

You append your personal constant quantities to the memory. For instance, the functioning hour expenses, the cost for every square meter of a building material - then evaluate, estimate the costs and also deliver your price proposal quickly.

Laser Measurer In Black And Yellow Case

Stabila STB-LD420 Big Digit Laser Measurer

It's possible to call up supplementary data for numerous features like space, volume and so forth - for example. scope, wall structure plus ceiling spaces etc.

Construction site congenial design, the new LD is preserved against water plus dust particles, and is in conformity with IP65. It features an impact immune case including shock engrossing STABILA cushy hand-grip shell.
[Rating: 9/10] £164 Get It → Stabila STB-LD420 Laser Measurer

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07: Suaoki S9 Hand-Held Mobile Digital Laser Measure

A mobile digital laser measure that's impeccably appointed using multi calculation, however easy to utilise strategy inside a compliant transportable dimensions that renders it more leisurely for the end user to carry anyplace.

In addition, it's the perfect device for property, engineering, building, contractors. End user instructions plus carry case with lanyard.

Small Digital Laser Measure In Black And Red

Suaoki Mobile Digital Laser Measure

The all-terrain laser measuring tool boasts a water-repellent rubber housing, which can safeguard the gadget from splattering, rainfall, grime as well as additional environmental elements. It additionally possesses high precision, an imperial plus metric unit of measurements - all to assist you get a quick and precise outcome at work.
[Rating: 9/10] - £39 Get It → Suaoki Mobile Digital Laser Measure

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7 Laser Measure Tool Reviews - Find Distance With Just One Hand

The most accurate laser distance measurer tools are the ideal instrument to rapidly calculate the distance, area and volume of any entity.

The electronic measuring devices can calculate ranges in a straight line with accurate measurement of distances with advanced laser beam technologies. They also provide user-friendly handling due to effortless one-button function.

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