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Best DAB Radios With Bluetooth And Excellent Sound Calibre

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Modern and funky styles, our best DAB portable radios with Bluetooth rated here. Perfect for Wirelessly streaming with your mobile device, offering quality audio. PURE DAB clock radios for tuning in anywhere in the household. Great sound touch screen Bluetooth DAB digital radios with presets.

01: Multiplex AUX-In DAB Digital Radio With Bluetooth

A DAB digital radio with Bluetooth and dependable two-channel audio speaker arrangement plus 2 full spectrum drivers, as well as 30 Watts of high-definition audio. Individual bass sound settings plus treble command.

All this guarantees the Multiplex executes more comparably as a first-class Hi-Fi compared to additional radio sets. This recent DAB+ plus FM system is ideal for clear response and guarantees it acquires 'more' channels compared to regular DAB receiving sets.

Future set-up features see it is going to afford you delight for the long term as you can stream your tunes and audio Wirelessly from just about any Bluetooth unit, which includes mobiles, tablet PC's and laptop computers etc.

DAB Digital Radio Bluetooth In All Black

Link-up virtually any sound gadget through the 3.5 mm auxiliary input. Headset out enables you to hear your tunes in a confidential manner minus agitating anybody else. Integrated high total capacity 2200 mAh recharging battery power assures it's possible to deploy the audio speaker for in excess of 10 hours whenever not attached to the mains power.

Utilise the incorporated carrying hand grip to establish the unit more transportable. The USB power boosting output enables you to re charge your smartphone or additional USB gadgets. You are able to additionally associate virtually any audio gadget through the 3.5 mm AUX.
[Rating: 9/10] - £59 - Get It → Multiplex DAB Digital Radio Bluetooth

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02: PURE DAB Bluetooth Radio iPod Dock Apple Lightning

The Contour D1 is a sleek and stylish, but highly efficient digital stereo system, presenting Bluetooth and uncomplicated docking for your iPhone or iPod devices. Combined DAB and FM tuners allow you to stay informed about popular digital transmissions, together with your analogue preferences.

Support iPhone And iPad With Lightning Connectors

FM Contour D1 Radio iPod Dock In Black

PURE DAB FM Contour D1 Radio iPod Dock

Eliminate the cables, as Bluetooth enables you to stream directly from gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. Tune in to broadcasts via digital or analogue and by-pass between them with over 38 radio stations presets. Appreciate devices old and completely new. The attractively engineered dock with clip adapter will support iPhone and iPad models, with Lightning connectors.

Bluetooth iPod Dock And Remote

The integrated remote control comes with a magnetic remote control, which makes it much easier to find when it's needed. Components include remote, handbook, suitable for Bluetooth and Apple Lightning. Measurements: H16.5 x W29.0 x D12.5 cm.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £166 - Get It - PURE DAB Radio iPod Dock.

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03: Pure Evoke D2 Clock Bluetooth Digital DAB FM Radio

Probably the most stylish product of the enduring, but stylish Evoke family. The Pure Evoke D2 is a convenient DAB and multi choice FM radio with genuine walnut veneer housing and modern day design. This edition also incorporates Bluetooth for smooth streaming of your songs from tablet and mobile phones etc.

Tuned Speaker And Advanced Digital Amp

Clock Digital DAB FM Radio in All White

Pure Evoke D2 Clock Digital DAB FM Radio

This radio consists of around 20 presets with four fast access switches, home and sleep timers, tone or radio alarm system, stereo headphone socket and aux socket for your personal iPod or music player. The Evoke D2 also requires an optionally available (Pure ChargePAK) rechargeable battery power for transportable tuning in etc.
(Rating: 4.85/5) - £99 - Get It - Pure Clock DAB Radio

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04: Revo SuperConnect DAB Plus Net DLNA Linked Radio

SuperConnect sums up Revo's unique style, technological innovation and approach, offering a first-rate digital, Internet and FM radio, which will suit any type of any contemporary household.

With admission to FM, DAB+ and web radio, you are able to access over 14000 channels from around the world, or stream your personal assortment of tunes utilising DLNA or Bluetooth.

SuperConnect Linked Wi-Fi System

Together with your SuperConnect linked to a Wi-Fi system with access to the internet, you can readily focus on stereo from around the globe. Channels are detailed in alphabetical order based on country, or by audio type.

DAB Plus Net DLNA Radio With Wooden Finish

Revo SuperConnect DAB Plus Net DLNA Radio

This enables you the liberty to explore and see something totally new. Additionally, you can use the internet radio service to listen to those (Listen Again) shows where the channel has documented a show for accessibility following a live program etc.

SuperConnect consists of (aptX technologies) as well, which supports CD quality audio from recognised gadgets. The (BMR) audio speaker technologies helps SuperConnect to supply 15 Watts of magnificent sound via the Class D amplifier.

With a sleek rate of recurrence, extensive sound stage and strong and gratifying bass incorporate the overall performance advantages of a speaker with the movements of a standard loudspeaker, creating a top rated compact drive unit.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £299 Get It - Revo SuperConnect DAB DLNA Radio

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05: Castle DAB Wireless Bluetooth Radio CD Player

A DAB Bluetooth radio CD player with FM that includes a mix of calibre, expressive style and price which is difficult to outsmart.

Superior audio calibre provided by proprietary high-definition sound 35 Watts speaker unit system where you can separately correct the bass plus treble. 2 USB power charging up outputs, so it's possible to charge up your mobile and play your favoured tunes at the same time.

Wireless DAB Bluetooth Radio CD Player In Black

Castle DAB Bluetooth Radio CD Player

You are able to additionally link-up virtually any sound gadget through the 3.5 mm auxiliary input. It possesses both DAB+ digital as well as FM radio including the power to keep 20 preset channels of 10 DAB plus 10 FM etc. It features a headset outlet so it's possible to link your preferred headsets - and incorporates a remote device.
[Rating: 9/10] - £79 - Get It → Castle Bluetooth Radio CD Player

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06: Hitachi Mobile FM DAB Job-Site Radio Bluetooth

The UR18DSDL cordless style DAB radio set using Wireless Bluetooth is a battery enabled sound system that is sturdy and fashionable.

Dynamical full spectrum audio speaker including six 'preset equaliser' configurations. Low sound radio communication frequency amplifier electronic signal action and receiving technology.

DAB Radio Bluetooth In Black And Gold

Hitachi DAB Job-Site Radio Bluetooth

AUX input signal terminal and in addition a USB charging up jack. Safety framework construction including padding, rubber plus specialised resin.

Wireless Bluetooth featured DAB sound replay and full recharge functionality. Level of security versus entering of water is IPX4 water impedance.
[Rating: 9/10] £198 - Get It → Hitachi DAB Radio Bluetooth

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07: T.Baker Finisterre Wi-Fi Bluetooth DAB/DAB+ FM Radio

The Finisterre DAB FM radio is a snappy, however unchanged quality DAB FM radio plus Bluetooth audio speaker which blends the craftsmanship of past times including forward looking technologies - plus energetic Hi-Fi acoustics.

Bluetooth DAB Radio In Brushed Silver And Tan

Ted Baker London Finisterre Bluetooth DAB Radio

Incorporating brushed metal, authentic leather plus a trilateral audio speaker arrangement using two mid-high range drivers.

In addition, there is a separate bass device aggregated to bring forth an ardent acoustic sound, reminiscent of a dependable old-fashioned valve style desk radio set. Fitted out to welcome DAB plus DAB+ programmes - and conventional FM using RDS etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £99 - Get It → Ted Baker Bluetooth DAB Radio

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08: Lenco DR Vintage Style LCD DAB+ Bluetooth Radio

The vintage style LCD DAB+ Bluetooth radio speaker presents high powered sound functioning and updated procedures. It includes a retro conception joined with amended listening process.

This DAB radio imparts you entry to hear digital broadcasts, as well as a several digital exclusive services. Whenever you are outside of DAB spectrum, it's possible to alternate to FM then keep on hearing.

20 Presets DAB+ Bluetooth Radio With White Finish

Lenco Vintage DAB+ Bluetooth Radio

Including 20 controlled presets, it's effortless to change over between your preferred channels. With a broad range of connection settings, it's never been more comfortable to stream your preferred music from virtually any gadget.

Effortlessly and wirelessly link-up just about any smart gadget through Wireless Bluetooth. As an alternative, the 3.5 mm auxiliary input enables you to link any additional gadget.
[Rating: 9/10] - £119 - Get It → Lenco Vintage DAB+ Bluetooth Radio

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09: VQ Hepburn Bluetooth DAB DAB+ Radio Speaker

A Bluetooth DAB DAB+ radio speaker includes FM radio-communication to delight in all of your particular favoured channels including digital or even analogue etc.

It's possible to make certain everybody receives their favoured channel at the touch of a push button using 10 presets accessible. Play tunes or perhaps virtually any extra content from your personal library or streaming services, for example Deezer etc.

Aux-In Bluetooth DAB Radio Speaker With Black Handle

VQ Bluetooth DAB Radio Speaker

Wirelessly link up via Bluetooth and it's possible to even charge up your gadgets using the USB boosting slot. Whatever you select to hear, it will sound great using the advanced twin ultra-wide audio speaker drivers and additional updated DSP system.
[Rating: 9/10] - £129 Get It → VQ Bluetooth DAB Radio Speaker

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10: August MB400 Wireless Bluetooth DAB/+ Alarm Clock Radio

The MB400 DAB radio enables you to save your favoured channels as 10 presets for effortless station browsing. NFC Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker entails simply touch your NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile phone.

Simply couple up and begin playing music from your personal mobile. It may additionally be expended as a mobile audio speaker for notebooks, MP3 music players etc.

Bluetooth DAB/+ Alarm Radios In Several Colours

August MB400 Bluetooth DAB/+ Alarm Radio

Take an SD card or perhaps USB pen drive with your preferred MP3's - plus it's possible to connect it in and hear virtually any time you wish.

Awakening to your preferred DAB channel is an ideal method to begin the working day. It permits you to establish 2 diverse alarm system times, and you are able to select to be awakened via 'DAB or FM' channels.
[Rating: 9/10] - £40 Get It → August Bluetooth DAB Alarm Radio

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10 Best Personal DAB Radios With Bluetooth In Super Styles

Have you found your ideal Wireless Bluetooth portable DAB radio with all the super features yet? Listening to DAB radio is certainly one of the better ways to unearth new tracks and keep up with the news in your area.

With DAB, there is far more variety of music stations than a few years ago. With Internet radio, you can tune in to thousands of unique channels from all over the globe.

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