10 Freeview+ HD Digital Recorders And Freesat For iPlayer, ITV..

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Locate the most recent Freeview HD and digital terrestrial receivers and TV recorders. Tune in to wide-ranging shows via Freesat or smart TV box and view your favourite media from NOW TV, UK BBC iPlayer, ITN and Sky Sports. Utilise one-off or complete show series one touch recording facilities plus..

01: Manhattan Plaza Smart Freesat Full HD-S2 Digital Receiver

The Manhattan Plaza high-tech HD receiver will uncover a complete new world of 'on the web' and satellite television pleasure. Appreciate over 140 stations, several in magnificent HD, in addition to On-demand television.

Enjoy UK BBC iPlayer and popular ITV Player. Including an elaborate 8 day planner, you will continually be capable to stay informed about you preferred TV shows.

Cinema Quality Dolby Digital Plus..

Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 Receiver in Black
Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 HD Digital Receiver

Incorporating Freesat HD, the Plaza HD-S2 provides enjoyable channels of observing satisfaction. Filled with a simple to use electronic programme instruction, establishing alerts has never been simpler. Get the most from your home cinema and revel in cinema quality Dolby Digital plus audio from your transmissions.

Twin Scart Outputs And Ethernet Port..

For ideal image and audio, create a direct digital link with your HDTV, making use of HDMI or utilise the digital optical audio output for connecting to an exterior audio system. Hooking up to non HD devices are no trouble since the HD-S offers dual SCART outputs. The Ethernet attaches the Plaza HD-S to your system for On Demand TV viewing.

Low Power Usage - High Quality Viewing..

There is a USB slot for offline upgrades, so you can take pleasure in your most loved shows in a new approach with integrated upscaling, that produces SD content HD output. The Plaza HD-S may even assist in saving you cash because of incredibly low power usage (0.05W in standby) and arrives suggested by the trusted Energy Saving Trust authority.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £44 - Details - Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 HD Digital Receiver.

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02: Panasonic 3D Freeview HD Twin DMR-PWT530EB Recorder

Definitely not a 'run of the mill' recorder/player, the Panasonic DMR-PWT530 incorporates sufficient storage to keep an eye on your preferred shows, in addition to twin HD tuners, so it's possible to record a lot more simultaneously.

It injects brand new life to your DVD's with easy 3D upscaling. This smart enabled recorder offers admission to the (Viera Connect) services, providing features from social media like Myspace and films.

Panasonic Remote Recording And Freeview..

Panasonic DMR-PWT530EB 3D HD Twin Recorder in Gloss Black
Panasonic DMR-PWT530EB 3D HD Twin Recorder

Since the recorder comes with two Freeview HD tuners, a couple of diverse TV shows could be recorded at the same time. You don't need to to think about passing up on recording a programme when two shows overlap. By enrolling with the (Panasonic Remote Recording Assistance), it is possible to navigate and browse the programme information.

Broadcast Via Wi-Fi To Android or iPad..

You can set timer recordings of television shows making use of your mobile phone or tablet from just about anywhere with a connection to the web. Deliver a recorded programme or live 'broadcast to your Android or iPad' wirelessly, then enjoy the content anywhere you prefer in your own home.

Streaming Media From Linked Computers..

The DMR-PWT530 additionally incorporates DLNA. Simply get connected to your home system and stream media effortlessly from attached PC's as well as other gadgets. Unbelievably fast starting up instances suggest that this player is able to play a show in seconds.
(Rating: 4.90/5) £229 - Details - Panasonic DMR-PWT530EB 3D HD Twin Recorder.

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03: Pure Avalon Connect Smart Wi-Fi Freeview HD 300R Digital TV Recorder

The Pure Avalon 300R provides a complete, new variety of great benefits to any television set. Have fun with subscription free stations as a result of Freeview HD+ and meet up with your preferred shows from old favourite iPlayer.

Pure Connect likewise permits you to obtain a huge number of live broadcasts and much more on-demand content at a later date.

Recording Functions And 1 Terabyte Of Data..

Pure Avalon 300R Freeview HD Digital TV Recorder
Pure Avalon 300R Freeview HD Digital TV Recorder

The Avalon 300R will in addition pause, rewind action and record your television with the press of a switch. A large integrated 1000GB hard drive provides you with complete control over whatever you enjoy. With as much as 600 hours recording time, storage space should never be a huge concern. It also comes well prepared with sufficient online connectivity to join any mass media arrangement.

Dolby Digital Plus And DLNA Options Available..

Four HDMI inputs causes it so easy for connecting to appropriate sets and luxuriate in 1080p HD watching, even though the optical and coaxial components have various other options taken care of. DLNA suitability permits you to connect and stream media on your system.

Link To USB Ports..

Two USB slots additionally let you link hard drives and memory drives for fast viewing, playing tunes or enjoying films. With Dolby Digital Plus and digital audio output, it is possible to get pleasure from remarkable audio quality throughout your home entertainment room system for outstanding films, audio, plus much more besides.
(Rating: 4.90/5) £299 - Details - Pure Avalon 300R Freeview HD Digital TV Recorder.

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04: LG HR939M Blu-Ray Smart 3D Freeview+ HD Twin Recorder

Much more than a basic Freeview player, the LG HR939M will allow you to stream catch up TV from the safety of your comfy sofa, along with making use of social media sites like Google Plus. Pre-installed Freeview+ high definition permits you to view your preferred shows in HD excellence, whilst dual tuners allow you to capture two stations concurrently.

High-Tech 3D Offers Unique Horizons..

LG HR939M Smart 3D Freeview+ HD Recorder in Black
LG HR939M Smart 3D Freeview+ HD Recorder

Detailed with a massive 1000GB hard disk drive, there is adequate room to record numerous hours of popular shows. Take advantage of the most current films in impressive, full HD and 3D. Beautiful 1080p playback implies you will not overlook any fine detail, while stunning 3D brings a fresh shape to the motion.

Freeview+ HD Recording Facilities..

Along with the big storage space, it is possible to save up to 240 hours of high-definition content or over 450 hours of regular definition programs. Coupled with Freeview+ HD, it is possible to put routine viewer disputes behind you and watch what you would like, when you wish. Built in Wi-Fi offers you usage of countless films and shows through on-demand applications.

BBC iPlayer And DLNA Wi-Fi Sharing..

You can appreciate services like 'UK BBC iPlayer', Love Film plus much more. You may view video clips and meet up with pals on social networks. HD upscaling forces your DVD selection to top HD quality, breathing new existence directly in to old favourites.

DLNA makes Wi-Fi sharing effortless, where you can discuss films, photos, tunes and other data files among the devices easily, and even stream your computer or mobile phone contents straight to the display screen.
(Rating: 4.85/5) £170 - Details - LG HR939M Smart 3D Freeview+ HD Recorder.

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05: Sagemcom Smart Freeview HD Digital RTI95-500 Television Recorder

Enjoy more from your television set with the Sagemcom RTI95, merging over 40 subscription free digital stations with a significant hard disk and iPlayer. This little package permits you to access far more amusement in a single location. You may also record one station while watching another, steering clear of those frustrating scheduling problems.

Record Two Shows/Stations Concurrently..

Sagemcom Smart Freeview HD Digital RTI95-500
Sagemcom Smart Freeview HD Digital RTI95-500

Recording television is rather straightforward, no CD's, disks, no hassle. View, record and temporarily stop live digital television. The RTI-95-320 consists of a built-in Freeview HD device to help you appreciate your preferred shows in gorgeous HD. With twin channel creation - no more challenging choices to make on which clashing programme you favour, basically record each one.

Smart Freeview HD Digital RTI95-500 Television Recorder

Additionally, it facilitates Freeview+, including the capacity to record a full TV series at the press of a switch. Perhaps you did not remember to set a recording, or simply did not learn about that great new programme. Now you can make missed shows extinct by linking to your home system via Ethernet and view TV or BBC iPlayer.
(Rating: 4.65/5) £109 - Details - Sagemcom Smart Freeview HD Digital RTI95-500.

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06: Goodmans 320GB Red Button Freeview Digital 200 Hours DTR Recorder

This Goodmans digital box TV recorder is outfitted with a big 320GB hard drive, permitting you to record as much as 200 hours of your favoured Television.

Using dual tuners, it's possible to observe one channel though recording some other - or maybe even document two programmes concurrently while watching a preceding show.

Goodmans 320GB Freeview DTR Recorder In Black Housing

Goodmans 320GB Freeview DTR Recorder

Employ the 8 day digital programme guide so you recognise what is approaching across a week before-hand. Includes access to the entire line-up of 50 Freeview Television channels plus 24 radio channels.

You'll experience virtually all the options you require via your DTR. The Freeview digital TV recording equipment allows you to play, rewind plus fast forward Television.
[Rating: 9/10] £99 Get It Here → Goodmans 320GB Freeview DTR Recorder

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07: BT YouView+ iPlayer, Freeview, On-Demand HD TV Recorder

The BT YouView+ recorder helps make virtually any TV somewhat intelligent. As a result of terrific catch-up TV from the evergreen BBC iPlayer or ITV Player and much more. Overlooked shows are set to turn in to an issue of history. Furthermore, together with it's massive pre-installed hard disk, you may also temporarily stop and record live television to help you view what you want.

In Concert With All Internet Connection Suppliers..

BT YouView+ iPlayer, Freeview HD TV Recorder
BT YouView+ iPlayer, Freeview HD TV Recorder

The original programme information dates back over time, so it's possible to enjoy programmes from yesterday or a week ago. Search back the last week of television, watching directly from your TV guidebook. Perhaps you are disturbed at an essential second. You can pause and rewind to easily pick up from earlier, or perhaps rewind to observe once more.

Nearly 300 Hours TV Stored On YouView Box..

Ensure you by no means miss a key scene in your preferred (Coronation Street) soap. Using the YouView smart phone App, it's simple to set your box to record remotely on mobile phone. Enjoy space for approximately 280 hours value television on your YouView box. Regardless of whether it's a one-off saving, or you are utilising the series recording functionality, you do not have to think about having adequate room.

Search On-Demand TV With Key Phrases..

Watch the TV you aspire to to enjoy. You may use a smart search throughout all live TV, catch up services, although on-demand lets you lookup by programme kind, or key phrases. It indicates you will usually find something no matter what time during the day or evening.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £149 - Details - BT YouView+ iPlayer, Freeview HD TV Recorder.

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08: Apple TV Smart Box Offering 1080p Full High Definition Viewing

The modern, but innovative Apple TV offers you crisper entertainment than previously with beautiful 1080p HD display. Streamlined and unobtrusive, it's perfect when perched on your primary TV stand, simply squeezing in to a congested multi-media display case etc.

Play Media From Your iPod or iPhone Device..

Apple TV Smart Box 1080p High Definition with Box, TV and Remote
Apple TV Smart Box 1080p High Def..

With AirPlay it's an easy task to play content from your iPad or iPhone on your television set. The instinctive user interface makes it simple to locate anything you happen to be in the disposition for. The incorporated Apple remote makes it simple to find your preferred amusement from an uncomplicated structure.

Effortless Wireless Streaming To Apple TV..

Simply connect the power wire in to the wall structure and hook up Apple TV to your television employing a specific HDMI wire. All kinds of things stream wirelessly to Apple TV making use of your Wi-Fi network. Content found on Apple TV below.

Enjoy NOW TV, Sky Sports And YouTube Video..

In addition to music, films and TV programmes from iTunes, the innovative Apple TV bundle includes a collection of solutions from the likes of NOW Television, Sky Sports, News, Google YouTube plus more.

Supplemental monthly subscriptions may be necessary to utilise these offerings. Apple TV needs an HDMI wire that's sold individually in order to connect to your TV. It will likewise have to be linked to your home network via wireless internet, or by way of an Ethernet wire.
(Rating: 4.90/5) £59 - Details - Apple TV Smart Box 1080p High Definition.

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09: Logik No Subscription Freeview+ Box 50 TV Channel Recorder Box

Delight in an all-encompassing range of Television channels minus payment fees, plus virtually all your favoured shows with the large 500GB Freeview+ recorder box.

Freeview+ supplies you with as much as 50 digital stations, in addition to over 20 radio channels, so it's effortless to discover something to maintain you amused - and intends you will never overlook a show.

Logik Freeview+ 50 TV Channel Recorder Front View

Logik Freeview+ 50 TV Channel Recorder

Including big storage space, it's possible to document hours of Television at simply the press of a push button. There is additionally an accommodating 8 days digital programme guide, which makes it leisurely to project your TV viewing.

You will be able to even stop and rewind live Television, so it's possible to take a break from observing - plus restart without omitting a second. This particular set-top box functions dual tuners. This implies it's possible to record one show although viewing another.
[Rating: 9/10] £99 Get It Here → Logik Freeview+ 50 TV Channel Recorder

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10: Humax Smart TV Wi-Fi Freesat Viewing HD Digital Recorder HDR-1010S

The Humax HDR-1010S recorder shifts the method that you appreciate Freesat. With over 145 programmes, several in amazing HD in addition to on-demand providers like UK iPlayer, Demand, and ITV Player. The HDR-1010S also offers an ingenious 'roll back' TV guide, so investigating skipped shows is as effortless as evaluating what's on.

Built-In Wi-Fi And Ethernet Connect..

Humax Freesat HD Digital Recorder HDR-1010S in Pure White
Humax Freesat HD Digital Recorder HDR-1010S

Pause and rewind live television, as well as record two channels simultaneously, so you can forget about schedule clashes. Together with integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, the HDR-1010S has the capacity to link easily and quickly to your property network from almost anyplace in your home.

Freesat HD, BBC iPlayer And On-Demand..

Incorporating Freesat HD, iPlayer and the popular Demand 5, this Humax provides more than 140 channels of browsing delight. Detailed with a simple to use electronic programme information viewer, even establishing alerts and searching for overlooked programmes is a piece of cake. The large pre-installed 1000GB hard drive enables you to record '200 hours of HD' and 500 hours of SD content.

Stop/Start Live Television Feature..

Perhaps you have to go in to another room. Simply stop the live TV, return and proceed from where you finished. You may also rewind and relive brilliant sporting memories or remarkable TV instances with the push of a switch. Twin tuners have the ability to record two stations concurrently, or watch one while creating another.

HD Smart Recording Function..

The roll back electronic programme manual even makes it simple to pull up those shows that you did not remember to record. Integrated upscaling provides your preferred standard definition channels updated with HD quality. Smart Recording function lets you record a complete series at the simple contact of a press button. (Rating: 4.95/5) £229 - Details - Humax Freesat HD Digital Recorder HDR-1010S.

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Smart Boxes UK For NOW TV, iPlayer, ITN, Sky - Conclusion

We hope you have appreciated our digital television recorder reviews for Freeview, FreeSat viewing, enabling you to view and access media from anyplace in your own home. BBC iPlayer and DLNA Wi-Fi sharing. Watch NOW Television, Sky Sports, News, Google YouTube plus much more.

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