10 PS4 Compatible Headsets With Impressive Capabilities

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Want to boost your gaming response? Use these Wireless headsets for PS4 with luxurious function. Quality headgear is vital for that 'complete' gaming encounter. Disturbance free cheap PS4 headsets with Dual-Band, Neodymium drivers, the best game play headsets with 7.1 virtual sound.

01: XP510 Dual-Band Wireless Headset Xbox PS3 And 4

The XP510 headset provides high quality multi-channel audio with flexible Dolby surround sound speaker perspectives. Enjoy a disturbance free wireless connection from this organisation providing dual-band Wi-Fi.

Dual-Band Wireless Headset With Cushioned Black Headband

XP510 Dual-Band Wireless Headset

Stream your music and answer telephone calls, plus 'swap game sound with tunes' and never ever skip your phone calls via wireless Bluetooth. There is also game specific audio improvements for your competitive benefit and much deeper engagement. The powerful (Chat Boost) means you never have friends drowned out by deafening or unexpected tones.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £271 Details XP510 Dual-Band Wireless Headset

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02: Tritton Kunai Wi-Fi Stereo System Headset PS3, 4, Xbox

The TRITTON Kunai Wi-Fi Stereo system headset supplies a comfy, first-rate clear encounter for virtually every game playing gadget. The Kunai produces high-fidelity game and talk sound via a couple of precision tuned 40mm audio speakers utilising neodymium magnets.

Wi-Fi Headset In All Black Finish

Tritton Kunai Wi-Fi Stereo System Headset

Furthermore, the Kunai works with mobile phones, tablets, Mp3 audio players and many products utilising 3.5mm output. It maintains your ears comfortable using it's cushioned, flexible headrail, which stretches an additional 1.250 inches (31.75mm) on both sides to support a variety of user head dimensions.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £64 Details Tritton Kunai Wi-Fi Headset PS3 + 4

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03: PX51 Interference Free Wireless Headset PS3 And 4

PX51 provides you with the Turtle Beach sound advantage with interference free Dual-Band Wi-Fi and robust, 'Dual Stage' sound handling with regard to superior Dolby Surround Sound. Throughout, or following a video game period, it is possible to stream songs, appreciate Blu-ray films on PS3 etc..

Interference Free Wireless Headset Resting On Stand

PX51 Interference Free Wireless Headset

The XP510 includes a rechargeable battery and the Bluetooth enables you to answer telephone calls stream tunes throughout game play. With Dual-Band wireless interference-free indicates better chat and gameplay sound with Dual-Stage sound producing. Effective, personalised presets and Dolby Surround.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £144 Details PX51 Interference Free Wireless Headset

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04: Tritton Pro+ 3D Directional Sound Headset PS4, PS3

The TRITTON Pro+ 5.1 genuine surround sound headset. offers eight precision balanced audio speakers which precisely recreate a 3D audio field, you receive the edge against your competitors by listening to every single disruption inside a game mission's environment.

3D Sound Headset In Black And White

Tritton Pro+ 3D Directional Sound Headset

Employing exclusive Dolby Technology, the Pro+ produces the immersive sense of high-end home entertainment configurations. Instead of depending on stereo system drivers and copied multi-channel surround sound, the Pro+ contains 4 audio speakers in every earcup producing a variable, 3D genuine 5.1 sound experience.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £124 Details Tritton Pro+ 3D Sound Headset

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05: Sony PlayStation Wi-Fi Stereo System Headset For PS4

Uncover precisely how excellent your own game titles can easily sound with the Wi-Fi stereo system headset 2.0. Listen to hidden opponents as well as unbelievable explosions in beautiful 7.1 digital surround sound. Talk to buddies as well as advise teammates through the superior microphone.

PlayStation Wi-Fi System Headset With Blue Box

PlayStation Wi-Fi Stereo System Headset

Appreciate really clear sound from your own preferred games or motion pictures using the Sony Gold 7.1 channel wireless headset. Connect the 'incorporated USB adapter' to your Playstation 4 or 3 and you are all set to go. The headset furthermore functions 8 hours of battery life, which means it is possible to stick with the experience for extended periods.
[Rating: 4.94/5] £49 Details Wi-Fi Stereo Headset For PS4

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06: HyperX Cloud Game Play PS4 Headset Hi-Fi Drivers

The HyperX Cloud headset incorporates memory foam ear protectors as well as exchangeable ear cups for diverse audio information and various consistency choices, and is suggested by professional game playing organisations. It's the established headset of expert game playing companies, for example Intel, Team Liquid and SK etc.

PS4 Headset In Black With Connected Mic

HyperX Cloud Game Play PS4 Headset

It is Hi-Fi equipped with 53mm drivers and provides exceptional sound performance in game playing or specialist sound conditions. It's crystal clear low, middle and high sounds and improved bass-reproduction produces a good, immersive game playing encounter.

Hi-Fi Equipped Drivers With 15-25 Khz Frequency Response..

Each and every HyperX Cloud headset incorporates all of the components required, which includes an airplane adapter, leather and velour ear-pads, along with a travel friendly mesh bag for taking your games on the move.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £54 Details HyperX Cloud Game PS4 Headset

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07: Turtle Beach Interference Free Dual-Band PX4 Headset

The Ear Force PX4 offers 15 hours of continuous, superior Wi-Fi play for PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360 game titles and enables you to encounter Blu-ray motion pictures in movie surround sound. It works with PS4, although the Dolby Surround Sound created by this specific headset will make sure you listen to each and every sound inside your game with 360 degrees precision.

PX4 Headset Showing Black Cushioned Headband

Turtle Beach Dual-Band PX4 Headset

Modify the audio speaker perspectives within your headset to make sure that your own 360 degrees Surround Sound encounter for game titles, tunes and films are fine-tuned for your preference. Appreciate Wi-Fi game audio and cable to the controller chat whenever in combination with PS4.
[Rating: 4.94/5] £99 Details Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 Headset

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08: Logitech G933 Artemis Wi-Fi Gaming Headset PS4

The high calibre Artemis Spectrum PS$ Wi-Fi gaming headset using foldable microphone is a headphone suitable of sincere sound enthusiasts. It presents immersive surround audio using Pro-G audio drivers.

(Access) sound, illumination and three controlled macro commands remotely operated from your headphones. You can individualise your G933 with swap back-lit audio speaker plates.

Wi-Fi Gaming Headset PS4 In Black With Blue Stripe

Logitech G933 Wi-Fi Gaming Headset PS4

Tailor-make the illumination from a palette of in excess of 16 million colours and link up as much as three gadgets at the same time to answer phone calls, play tunes plus more while in game play.

Produce customised audio visibilities with an equaliser and function wirelessly with computer, consoles, mobile plus most domestic theatre sound units utilising USB powered mix connector etc.
[Rating: 9/10] £131 Get It → Logitech Wi-Fi Gaming Headset PS4

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09: Playstation Neodymium Speaker Gaming Headset For PS4

The Gamers Stereo system game playing headset is the ideal resolution for the determined game player. It enables you to proceed video gaming despite you departing the household. Basically remove the headset from your DualShock 4 controller and correct it to your PS Vita system for game playing on the move.

Playstation Headset For PS4 In Black With Blue Trim

Playstation Neodymium Drivers Headset For PS4

Light and portable, streamlined design with foldable headpiece, completely suitable for the PlayStation4 and Vita solutions. The jack link basically connects to the DualShock4 operator, or your PS Vita strategy for immediate online gaming. Created for PlayStation 4 and Vita.
[Rating: 4.93/5] £15 Details Playstation Headset For PS4

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10: Sennheiser Special Edition PS4 Compatible Headset

A special edition Playstation 4 compatible headset that is really an expert game play headphone, rendering progressive sound functioning. It's contrived to converge as well as outstrip the demands of the avid music player.

It guarantees virtually every detail in game play is picked up - and a professional noise-cancelling microphone ensures a crystal clear in game chat to mates.

3.5 mm Connect Special PS4 Compatible Headset With Black Mic

Sennheiser Special PS4 Compatible Headset

It possesses a pro NC microphone presenting clear communication and the ergonomic configured ear cups carry the audio instantly to your ears surrendering precise frequency-response characteristics.

While raising the realism of your game play encounter, this excellent headset is for serious game players requiring naturally counter-balanced audio and surpassing comfort.
[Rating: 9/10] - £169 Get It → Sennheiser Special PS4 Compatible Headset

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Our 10 Wireless Headphones For PS4 Reviewed - Some Concluding Words

Wireless gaming headsets for PlayStation 4 supply the perfect experience with strong bass and sharp tones to enhance your own sensory faculties. Wireless PS4 compatible headsets with mesh earpads for lengthy game periods and dual-pairing with Bluetooth. Interference-free, dual-band technology plus.

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